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22 injured in knife attack at Franklin Regional High School Larry Roberts/Post-Gazette 'He was just stabbing everybody in his way'ban all knife ...

HNewsWire-Okay politicians you banned all the guns,supposedly you're trying anyway, now some youngster has figured out that a sharp knife works pretty well and you don't have to buy bullets so what's the next step in your slimy make-believe world of problem solving for the American people.

I think you should walk down upon the Senate floor and pass a bill banning all knives, while you're down there on the Senate floor pretending to fix the people's problems, ban baseball bats, because that would be the next easy weapon for an individual that intends to hurt people can buy at Walmart, by the way, just ban Walmart while you're there on the Senate floor pretending to do the people's business.

I can name you 25 items inside Walmart that can be used as a weapon to hurt someone. Ban cars while you're down there on the Senate floor giving your big speeches pretending to be concerned about the future of this country, oh by the way you should add ax handles too - that ban weapon Bill you intend to bring to the floor of the Senate, don't forget rakes, shovels, chainsaws their deadly, oh I don't have enough room in this particular article to list all the possible deadly weapons that are easily obtained by the wrong person that intends to do someone, some group harm. The stupidity never stops when it comes to some of our elected officials in Washington DC.


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