A legal victory for conservatives in TX, Mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian....

Out of control, rogue local city government employees thinking they’re above Texas law.

Texas’ Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving one aspect of unnatural marriage left undecided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The controversial Obergefell decision in 2015 overturned natural marriage laws in more than 30 states, but similar issues such as adopting and spousal benefits were left out of the decision.

Enter the Texas Supreme Court, which has unanimously reversed a lower court’s ruling that favored the City of Houston and its policy that extended benefits to employees in same-sex marriages.

The 9-0 decision sends the case back to trial and keeps alive the lawsuit filed in 2013 by two taxpayers who sued then-Mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker not very happy

The city’s charter banned same-sex benefits but Parker (pictured ^) made the decision anyway.

Two years later, the landmark Obergefell ruling was handed down, handing a huge victory to homosexual activists. Yet the Texas high court stated that Obergefell guaranteed only the right to marry.

After the mayor’s decision, Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values recalls that a petition drive put the issue on the ballot, and Houston voters overturned the ordinance.

In the state of Texas, says Saenz, when a state law hasn’t been challenged and overturned by the courts, the state has a right to enforce that law.

“Particularly when you’ve got out of control, rogue local city government employees thinking they’re above the law,” he says.

Saenz, Jonathan (Texas Values)

The plaintiffs aren’t guaranteed to win in their court fight but headlines suggested the high court had ruled against “marriage equality” and the City of Houston, giving Saenz and his allies at least a temporary legal win.

“Will the Texas Supreme Court roll back marriage equality?” asked left-wing website Slate.

“LGBTQ advocates blast Texas’s same-sex marriage benefit ruling,” declared Huffington Post.

Even a supposedly mainstream outlet, The Dallas Morning News, sounded the liberal alarm earlier this year. It reported in a March story that spousal benefits had “come under attack” during the Supreme Court hearing.


HNewsWire: Homosexuals pushing for what they call “marriage equality” is a war on God and a war on our country.  These people have had the same equal rights to marry members of the opposite sex as anyone else.  They are pushing for perverted rights to “marry” members of the same sex.  Just as there is no God-given right to worship false gods, there is no God-given right to engage in what God calls an abomination.

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