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Actress Lena Dunham warned Hillary Clinton about Harvey Weinstein and the accusations of rape against him.

HNewsWire-We have been told by MSLSD that Hillary was a woman of faith, here my take,Hillary Clinton worships at the alter of corruption and greed. She's a wicken, not a Christian. She leaves a trail of sulphur wherever she goes..

Clinton ignored the warning from Lena Dunham and maintained a relationship with Weinstein the Democratic funder.Is that an example of Hillary “deep state" relationship with faith”?

The Clintons day have come and gone, thank God, to suggest Hillary Rodham would know biblical truth is like saying Bill Clinton never violated a woman's rights to say no, no the facts are, these two individuals that need to very quietly go away. My gut tells me they'll never see a day in jail, our politicians don't have the stomach for sending someone to jail for something our elected politicians are doing today, on steroids times 100. Do the research, these politicians come into office broke and leave filthy rich, multimillionaires on salaries of 220,000 a year, you tell me where I'm wrong and I'll show you proof of where I'm right.

The game of politics have always been a cancer on the American people, and the American people will pay for that through taxation, I've asked this question before and I'll ask it again, how much are the American people supposed to take before they say no more? My intuition tells me were getting very close to telling these hypocritical, narcissists politicians that we are done.

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