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UPDATE: 3/21/18 @3:38 PM- Austin serial bombing suspect blows himself up as police close in...

HNewsWire 3/21/18 We know the mainstream media is on constant standby to spin news as anti-Christian and anti-conservative, but this is low even by their standards.

After the Austin bomber was killed and identified as Mark Anthony Conditt on Wednesday, the Daily Mail published a piece describing him as a “devout Christian.” The outlet later modified the wording in its article, but not before visitors captured the original headline.


“SWAT team descends on Austin bomber’s home and speak to shirtless man just hours after the devout Christian blew himself up during police chase, ending 19-day campaign of terror,” the headline read.

Daily Mail later changed their headline slightly, replacing “devout” with “homeschooled.”

His blog posts, along with a neighbor’s remark that Conditt’s was a “nice Christian family” (a common expression) are the only evidence the article provides of the bombing suspect’s allegedly “devout” Christianity.

The replacement, “homeschooled Christian,” is just as misleading, because it gives the impression that Christian or Biblical teachings were the focus of Conditt’s education.

Daily Mail notes further down in the article that the young man, who allegedly killed two and injured several others, was homeschooled.

But the homeschooling is never described as being religious in nature. The Daily Mail writers seemingly threw in the “homeschooled” tag in order to keep the word “Christian” in without stoking as much controversy.

The note about Conditt being “in favor of the death penalty” and “against gay marriage and abortion,” is also curious.

The prominent inclusion of that information gives the impression that it was a significant motivator in Conditt’s crimes, when in reality there’s no evidence he targeted homosexuals or abortion proponents.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

HNewsWire-Social justice, for those of you politically correct morons, you've opened the door to every unstable puke in this country. From Antifa, the radical left, to the "Righteous Right",they assume they have an obligation to hurt those they consider in opposition to their ideology. So where do we go from here? Do we continue to coddle these individuals that are borderline psychopaths, or will there be a call for law and order."Social justice is a buzzword for lawlessness".

The “authorities” are busy scrubbing social media, college transcripts, and news articles while they decide “the narrative” and how to sell it to us.

Any information that doesn’t fit the narrative will be denounced as “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.” Will probably never know the truth, it has become fashionable to lie to the American people. Work place violence?

The person suspected of being the Austin serial bomber killed himself Wednesday morning after detonating a bomb as police were closing in, Austin police confirmed.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said police had tracked the suspect’s vehicle to a nearby hotel and were waiting for ballistic and tactical vehicles to arrive. While they were waiting, the suspect got into his vehicle and began to drive.

Police swarmed his car near the side of the road on Interstate 35 and he detonated a bomb inside the car, blowing back a SWAT officer who suffered minor injuries, Chief Manley said at an early morning press conference in Round Rock, Texas, as he was flanked by ATF and FBI officials. Another officer then fired his weapon at the car.

The chief confirmed the “suspect is deceased with significant injuries,” but would not release the suspect’s name until the next-of-kin was notified.
Police said the suspect was a 24-year-old white male and they don’t have a motive. They also said they don’t know if he was working alone.

Chief Manley said the community must remain vigilant.


This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

"You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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