Its Time for Bar Association to Investigate Gloria Allred ...

Is Gloria Allred refusing to turn over the dubious forged yearboook, because she knew her client was lying?

That’s the question many people have, after Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young admitted she forged “parts” of the “Roy Moore” message she claims he wrote.

Young laughably claims she was just adding “notes” to the message.

If that silly excuse is true, why then are we just hearing about it now, weeks after Allred and her untrustworthy client dragged it out?

Now, thanks to the deception, cries for Allred to be investigated by the Bar are growing louder.

From Breitbart

Reasonable people can certainly disagree on whether or not they believe the allegations leveled against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Especially in the #MeToo era, as scores of women are rightfully coming forward for a long-overdue reckoning with Hollywood, Washington, the media, and other halls of elite power that ignored sexual misconduct for far too long.

All the while these same hypocrites sanctimoniously preached political correctness to everyday Americans, of course.

However, reasonable people cannot disagree on this—Gloria Allred is either a hack or disgrace. And there should be an ethics investigation conducted by the American Bar Association to find out which it is.

Full disclosure, I have known Roy Moore for years and considered him a friend prior to these allegations. I endorsed his candidacy full-throat this entire year. And then, like so many others that admired his courage of conviction, I was devastated once these allegations emerged.

I have 16-year old and 12-year old daughters. My wife counsels women dealing with abuse and sexual dysfunction. So right away I am preconditioned to say to the women coming forward let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream. However, how do I reconcile these accusations with the man I know? A man so straight-laced he wouldn’t even remove the tags from his mattresses. A man that stood in the gap against progressivism’s post-modern takedown of American Exceptionalism, while so many others claiming to believe as we do ran.

Obviously, given our personal relationship, I was probably incapable of seeing things objectively. So when the most damning corroborating evidence against the judge emerged – the signed yearbook presented by one of his accusers – I decided my continued support of the judge would rest on its credibility. After all, the judge himself claimed it was a fabrication from day one. So if he’s going to stake his life’s work and credibility on that defense, I would follow accordingly.

In the meantime, Allred did interviews on MSNBC and CNN – hardly hostile media platforms – where she refused to affirm the credibility of that being Moore’s handwriting on the yearbook both times under direct questioning. Allred refused to meet the Moore campaign’s demand to have its authenticity independently analyzed. I even suggested this approach to my audience: have the Alabama Attorney General, the Moore campaign, and Allred each provide their chosen handwriting experts to discern its credibility. That way, both sides are represented as are the people of Alabama.

Yet along the way, Allred refused every attempt at verification. This, of course, looked suspicious. And now we know why.

On Friday, Allred and the accuser admitted they failed to disclose the yearbook inscription was doctored by the accuser. Something that wasn’t disclosed all this time until now, and in a court of law would at least lead to the evidence thrown out—if not an outright mistrial. Which means Allred either knew this in advance and didn’t disclose this potentially exonerating piece of information, or, she’s such an ambulance chasing publicity hound she didn’t care to find out before parading it before the cameras.

Translation—Allred is either a hack or a disgrace.

Either way, Allred has destroyed the credibility of her client. Not to mention likely made it harder for women in the future to be believed, even when they have stronger evidence than hearsay about what allegedly happened in Gadsden, Alabama long before Al Gore invented the Inter-Webs. At this point, the Moore Campaign should include Allred on its final disclosure report and itemize her as an in-kind contribution.

For Moore was already pulling ahead in the polls before this, and will likely get an “Allred bounce” now thanks to the coming backlash. As people in places like Alabama are beyond tired of being lectured to by fake social justice warriors, who either can’t get their basic facts right or don’t care to even try.

In the future, if you’re a woman who believes you’ve been wronged and you want justice, you might want to reconsider giving Allred a call. Allred is where justice goes to die, while the price of her retainer goes up.

If there truly is any justice left in this world, the Bar Association will step in here and administer some to the feckless, opportunist likes of Allred.

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