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Capitol Police Arrest Dem Operative Over Assault of Female Trump Admin Official...

HNewsWire-a spokeswoman for the House committee, Katie Schoettler, said lawmakers “are appalled” to learn one of Zinke’s staffers was involved in the assault.

“These actions are reprehensible and have no place in this body,” she said. “We thank the U.S. Capitol Police for their quick response and professionalism.”

The public information officer for the Capitol Police told Politico that officers “arrested an adult male for simple assault against another individual outside room 1324 in the Longworth House Office Building.”

The American Bridge staffer was immediately transported to police headquarters for processing.

The radical arm of the Democratic Party has become more aggressive in their approach to there attempted coup,we've seen elected Republicans shot, now they are being assaulted by liberal operatives that do the dirty work for their bosses. I think it's time to call them out on their behavior,they seem to have no moral substance, just a bottomless pit of immoral behavior.I believe this summer there will be massive unrest in the streets of major cities across this ever weakening nation.These liberal are sending messages to their soldiers that it's okay to attack, harm, hurt, anyone that disagrees with their ideology. Look at those who run the DNC at the top,they believe that violence is okay in fact they APPROVE of that form of behavior.

The Democrats number two man,Keith Ellison approved of a book written by Antifa and was photographed smiling while holding Antifa book that uses violence against anyone that opposes of their viewpoint or beliefs.The hatred within the DNC is beginning to boil over to their foot soldiers in cities across America.At the same time this is the political party that is wanting to disarm the American public,I believe the writings on the wall,no one in their right mind would give up their right to defend their persons,their families or loved ones(Second amendment),we could see a overrun of the government against its people.We are witnessing attempted badly orchestrated coup by the Democrats,the Clintons,the Bushes,Barry Obama and company along with some FBI agents at the top of the food chain, and other government officials, but they where incapable of pull it off.These people (New World Order types) have not gone away and they're not going to,there doubling down which means the American people must be vigilant,you prayer warriors double down with your prayers,the battle has just begun.

"You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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