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CNN’s Tapper: Alabama Could Become ‘Something of a Laughingstock If It Actually Votes for Roy Moore’...

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing a Twitter feud between Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, host Jake Tapper said if Alabama “actually votes” for Moore, they risk “becoming something of a laughingstock.”.

Tapper said, “Let’s talk more with our panel right now. We should point out that Roy Moore is in a Twitter feud with comedian Jimmy Kimmel. This started last night when another comedian who’s part of the Kimmel show crashed Moore’s rally at a church wearing a shirt that said ‘Gimme Moore.’ Today Moore tweeted Kimmel saying, ‘If you want to mock our Christian values, come on down to Alabama and do it man to man.’ Within minutes Jimmy Kimmel responded saying, ‘Sounds great Roy, let me know when you get Christian values and I’ll be there.’ A little comedy there, of course, but there is a bigger issue here about Alabama becoming something of a laughingstock if it actually votes for Roy Moore.”

Network correspondent M.J. Lee said, “And you know, whether they will vote for Roy Moore after all of the headlines that we have seen over the last couple of weeks, I think when a candidate has become sort of so controversial and so well-known for the controversies surrounding him. Obviously, that becomes sort of the center of what this special election will be about.”

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