Conservative politics is liberal in the classical sense. It is ever at odds with the liberal politics of totalitarian movements, whether it’s Nazis or Communism...

When Republicans go on the defensive against accusations of fascism and racism, they miss the real threat from the real fascists and racists of the ugly left...

Republicans, are “taking a very big risk if they seek to appease the fascism of the political Left,” "Be Warns". The left’s efforts to oust President Trump as a “fascist coup” that cannot be dismissed as the ordinary state of politics. To do would be as grave an error as treating Hitler and Mussolini as ordinary politicians guilty only of the occasional expression of overheated rhetoric.

The left, having “taken over the culture”, has set its sights on “taking over the country.” Uproot the fascism of the left before we go the way of Germany.

Conservatives MUST rise to oppose the left’s fascist culture war by building opposing cultural institutions in the academic and entertainment spheres utilizing the disruptive power of the internet.

What is irrational, mysterious, or just plain evil or corrupt to liberals is natural, straightforward.

Liberals claim to favor the rights of children, when they champion the rights of criminals, such as convicted child molesters? How can liberals claim empathy for victims when they defend the rights of criminals?

Liberals support federal funding for AIDS research and treatment, while promoting the spread of AIDS by sanctioning sexual behavior that leads to AIDS? In defending gay rights, liberals sanction homosexual sex; they sanction teenage sex by advocating the distribution of condoms in schools; they sanction drug abuse by promoting needle exchange programs for drug users. How can liberals say they want to stop the spread of AIDS while they sanction practices that lead to it?

Liberals claim to be supporters of labor when they support environmental restrictions that limit development and eliminate jobs?

Liberals claim to support the expansion of the economy when they favor government regulations that limit entrepreneurship and when they tax profitable investments?
How can liberals claim to help citizens achieve the American dream when they punish financial success through the progressive income tax?

Liberals claim to be helping people in need when they support social welfare programs that make people dependent on the government and limit their initiative?
How can liberals claim to be for equality of opportunity, when they promote racial, ethnic, and sexual favoritism by supporting affirmative action?

Liberals seem either immoral, perverse, misguided, irrational, or just plain dumb. Yet, from the perspective of the liberal worldview, what seems contradictory or immoral or stupid to conservatives seems to liberals to be natural, rational, and, above all, moral. Just Saying...
Stevieray Hansen

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