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David Hogg Refuses to Accept Laura Ingraham’s Apology — Instead, He Gives Her an Ultimatum, she caves gives in to these immature kids...

HNewsWire-The last thing conservatives Christians and Fair-minded people need, Someone who pretends to be in the fight but their only concern is there careers and their checking account,let this serve as a reminder to those wannabe commentator-Warriors there's no place in this fight for spineless Cowards.

Do not pretend to be someone (a warrior) when you're not...

Now before you die hard- at any cost start attacking me on my stands, in regards to not wanting to be associated with anyone that is not up for this fight,"listen- this is not a game", the American people are under attack from every angle, The ugly left, in some cases our government FBI, CIA, etc. our so-called religious leaders, the media as a whole, the high tech conglomerates, our elected officials, both Republican and Democrat have turned on the American people and should NOT be trusted.

We had Watch incompetent grown-ups stand-up in support of Hogg and his band of immature kitties, insisting a gun and the NRA is a problem. While ignoring the facts, we know Cruz was bullied in Parkland high school, they have admitted this, but instead of owning up to the truth they turned this into a gun issue, the kids at Parkland along with the Democratic Party would gladly take our first and second amendment rights away rather than own up to the failures at Parkland high school and quite frankly throughout the United States of America, we have a God problem, not a gun problem.
Hogg- What he Knew And When

Today the media, especially the independents are pushing the theory, Soros-Funded Groups Fueling Laura Ingraham Advertiser Boycott, Okay let's say that's a fact, actually I'm sure it is, but she caved, she submitted to Hogg and showing weakness to these ugly left degenerates caused her own demise. Once again- if you're not up for the fight stay out of it, sidelined yourself, if you want to be safe that's fine but do not pretend to be someone (a warrior) when you're not...

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"You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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