/ the Deep State

Deep State Wish To “Change” The Nation Into Something Socialist, Corrupt And Distinctly UN-Godly and UN-American...

HNewsWire-The “war” is between those who envision a strong country based on its founding principles, and those who wish to “change” the nation into something socialist, corrupt and distinctly un-Godly and un-American.

“Be sure you know who’s side you’re on,” “Quit fooling yourselves. You’re not fooling the rest of us.” the DOJ is a prime example of the deep state actors working against Pres. Trump and the American people.

I for one am guilty of going after Pres. Trump on numerous issues.It's very obvious that the hand of God is on our president Donald J Trump, he's in the WH by the hand of Almighty God and far be it for me to find fault with one of God's chosen.

It’s worth remembering that the Bible is full of instances where flawed men — from David to Moses to Solomon — were called to do great things.
StevieRay Hansen

You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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