Dems can't figure out what went wrong

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Democratic leaders still reeling from Election Day should reconsider their party’s disdain for people of faith, says a Christian apologist.

“There has been a rejection of God,” observes Alex McFarland, “and therefore a lack of outreach to potential voters that have morality, religion and the Christian faith as their basis.”

He recalls the recent Democratic Party platform, released last summer before the convention, that took sides against Israel, against biblical sexuality, and worst of all, against life itself, a reference to its pro-abortion stance.

Just how radical were the party’s principles?

Hillary and Barack team up

“The most progressive Democratic platform ever,” The Washington Postdeclared.

“Democrats advance most progressive platform in party history,” NBC News similarly proclaimed.

It was at the 2012 convention, after the platform was approved, that hundreds of delegates loudly voted to keep a reference to faith from their left-wing platform.

“Democrats boo God,” the headlines read after the delegates booed and hissed when convention leaders said the voice-vote motion had passed over their loud objections.

A second motion declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel was also booed off the stage but added to the platform anyway.

"Republican Hate Kills" nutty bannerBut it’s the Democratic Party’s doctrine-like belief in abortion that set the party on this path, says McFarland.

It began 40 years ago with Roe v. Wade, he says. The party drew a line that would separate it from a huge percentage of the American electorate as many took a pro-life stance on the issue.

“Part of the reason they have such a problem with religion,” he says, “is because their core value, their doctrine worth dying for in their mind, is abortion.”

“As moral debates about abortion, sexual morality, and gender identity are deemed ‘settled’ by the cultural mandarins of the Left,” attorney David French writes at National Review Online, “an increasing number of people view orthodox Christians as exactly as venal as white supremacists. Refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding perpetuates a 21st-century Jim Crow.”

In his commentary about Democrats and their “religion problem,” French notes that Donald Trump won a greater share of Evangelical votes than George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

The attorney-writer also notes that Evangelical turnout was noticed by Michael Wear, who led the Obama campaign’s faith outreach in 2012. Wear told an interviewer that Democrats can’t win elections by being “disdainful” about the “driving force” in many Americans’ lives, meaning their faith.

“The Democrats,” French responds, “won’t fix their ‘religion problem’ so long as their progressive base believes the Christian religion is a problem.”

“The Democrat Party [sic] is out of step with America, out of step with voters, out of step with the worldview of our Founding Fathers,” McFarland warns, “and yes, the Democrat Party [sic] is out of step and even at war with God.”

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