Dems 'digging in' to preserve abortion funding


Taxpayers in Illinois could find themselves funding abortions even if they oppose terminating the lives of preborn children.

Illinois lawmakers this week are considering a bill that would open the door to taxpayer funding of abortion, including use of Medicaid funds for that purpose. If passed, House Bill 4013 would allow taxpayer-funded grants to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood and end the current prohibition against abortion coverage in state employee insurance plans.

John Kirkwood, co-director of Speak Out Illinois, laments that upwards of 40,000 abortions occur in his state every year; but suggests it could increase significantly with passage of H.B. 4013.

“… If they implement this law – and it’s razor thin right now with the voting – they estimate that there could be as many 25,000 to 30,000 more abortions a year in this state,” he says. “This legislation is a slap in the face to Illinois taxpayers by forcing them to support abortion no matter their personal beliefs.”

According to Kirkwood, the purpose of the bill is to keep funds flowing to Planned Parenthood out of concern Congress will pass an attachment to the reconciliation funding bill to reallocate funds that have been going to the biggest abortion-provider in the state.

“So they’re digging in in the states where they know they’ve got a foothold,” the pro-life spokesman continues. “And the Democrats in the House and Senate in Illinois are going to throw probably all kinds of crazy bills at us to try and make a statement.”

The coalition of over 40 pro-life groups is encouraging residents to contact members in both houses. Otherwise, says the group, citizens who are against abortion will find their tax dollars used for that purpose against their will.

House Bill 4013 was originally filed almost two years ago (February 2015) by Democratic Rep. Sara Feigenholtz. It now sits with the House Rules Committee. 

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