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Details in attack at Travis Air Force Base in California,We have a God problem and not many are willing to admit it....

HNewsWire-As we watch the world unravel, it becomes increasingly apparent the Bible has foretold of these events. We are given a choice, turn back to God or face the consequences, if you believe man has the answers you are a big part of the problem. We spent 60 years telling God to go away, welcome to the world without a God.

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- A car loaded with propane tanks ran through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in northern California on Wednesday night. Military personnel ran up to the burning car that exploded in flame after breaching the security gates.

In video posted on an Air Force forum on Facebook, firefighters are seen attempting to put out the flames.

Law enforcement sources say the car carried propane tanks and the driver deliberately ignited the fire. He died inside the car, which drove off the road into a ditch. There are no reports of shots fired during the incident. The driver has been identified by law enforcement but not been named.

The car was full of propane tanks, according to local media. The vehicle erupted in flames shortly after crashing through the main gate of the base on Wednesday night, leaving the driver dead.

At present the incident is being treated as “an act of terrorism,” according to a report by Fox News. In a separate release, the US Air Force (USAF) said the FBI are helping the military to investigate the matter, but added that “no additional information is available at this time.”

The Air Force Times reported on Thursday that explosive ordnance disposal units and the Office of Special Investigations were among the first to respond to the incident.

Eyewitnesses said the crash was of an “explosive” nature. “The car basically blew up,” witness Kamren Hernandez told ABC 7 News. “It was nothing anymore.” Hernandez’ father Lamar said the car, thought to be a black SUV, “had something in there explosive.” He added: “It sounded like the 4th of July. I’ve never heard anything like that – really loud.”

Travis Air Base, home to approximately 7,000 troops and 3,700 civilians, is operating as normal. “The safety and welfare of our airmen, their families and our local community is our top priority,” Colonel John Klein, commander of the 60th Air Mobility Wing, said in the statement.

While the Col. puts a happy face on this particular event (terrorist attack) remember it doesn't have to be a Muslim to be a terrorist attack, evil, ungodliness is the key ingredient of an individual that wants to wreak havoc on society, Be prepared for these type of attacks to become more frequent, more deadly, with little or no resolution to the problem. We have a God problem and not many are willing to admit it, the Clintons have the answer, the Obama's have the answer, the Bushes have the answer,Our elected Congressman have the answer, the Senators have the answer, President Trump has the answer, yet the problem never seems to get BETTER, why- because God has been taken out of the equation, thank you ACLU, lefties, atheist, the science community as a whole, commercial religion, Catholics, Baptists etc.The highway to hell is paved with good intentions, what should alarm the masses (Sheep people) is that you are being dragged along to the pits of hell by the ungodly....

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