Devil Woman is calling on all Muslims in the United States to wage jihad against the Trump administration..

‘Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.’ – Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Convert to Islam or be Killed.


**Linda “Sarsour … was named a ‘Champion of Change’ By Obama **

** Evil ,** “**Linda Sarsour” Muslim  Devil Woman… **

An American Islamist activist is calling Muslims in the United States to wage jihad against the Trump administration and so-called “Islamophobias” serving in public office, rallying her supporters at last weekend’s 54 annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in Chicago to “stay outraged” as they wage their holy war.

While urging the audience not to assimilate into American culture, Linda Sarsour – who was also an organizer of the radical “Woman’s March” in Washington, D.C., in January – reminded those listening that if they are not in a constant state of rage against President Donald Trump and his White House staff, then they are cowards.

“Why sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared?” the ISNA speaker posed before those in attendance, according to WND. “Why are we so afraid of this administration and the potential chaos that they will ensue on our community?”

Sarsour went on to insist that Muslims who do not breed anger and resistance against the administration are traitors to the god of Islam – Allah.

“I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad,” she reminded American Muslims hearing her speak at the 2017 ISNA convention that ran from June 30 through July 3.

Contrary to the Muslim-friendly Obama administration that ignored jihad, the Trump administration is being targeted by Koran-believing Islamists, and those addressed at the ISNA gathering were not just a small sect of the Muslim community.

“ISNA has been described as ‘the largest umbrella group of Muslims in North America,” Breitbart reported. “President Barack Obama met with ISNA’s president in 2015 – despite the group’s controversial views and alleged ties to radical movements.”

During her speech, Sarsour quoted the prophet of Islam – Muhammad.

“A word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler or leader – that is the best form of jihad,” she repeated the prophet’s words, Breitbart reported.

She then applied the battle cry directly against Trump.

“[W]e are struggling against tyrants and rulers, not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here, in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House,” Sarsour added, according to Breitbart.

Rising star in U.S. Islamic movement

This year’s ISNA event was themed “Hope and Guidance through the Quran,” and it was not the only event where the bombastic street preacher for fundamental Islam rallied fellow American Muslims to rise up in a widespread movement.

“Sarsour has become a rising star in the American Islamist movement,” WND’s Leo Hohmann noted. “Not only did she help organize the Women’s March, she also spoke at the joint convention of the Islamic Circle of America and Muslim American Association in April. Like ISNA, both ICNA and MAS have ties to the International Muslim Brotherhood, which is the leader of the global Islamic revivalist movement.”

Islamic terrorism expert Philip Haney said that although Sarsour’s battle cry may be frightening and alarming, it should come as no surprise to those familiar with hadith and Muslim’s holy book, the Quran, which both incite followers to deal harshly with those who do not submit to Allah. The so-called preparation that Sarsour mentioned was elaborated.

“First off, the word ‘prepared’ carries much weight among Muslims waging jihad – whether violent or civilization jihad,” Hohmann explained. “It’s the same word that is embedded within the logo of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.”

Haney, who co-authored the recently published book, See Something Say Nothing, asked what it was that Sarsour was really reinstructing Muslims to get ready for.

“It makes you ask, what are they preparing for?” he asked while discussing the topic with WND – before answering his own question with the word, “jihad,” citing the Quran 8:60, which speaks about the spoils of war.

In America, but not of America

During her speech at last week’s ISNA event, Sarsour stressed that it is the duty of Muslims living in the U.S. not to assimilate into American society and observe its culture and laws – reminding them that they must not “attempt to please” anyone but Allah if they want to be faithful to the call of the Quran.

“[We cannot] assimilate and to please any other people in authority,” she impressed. “Our obligation is to our young people and to protect our women in our community. And our top priority – even higher than all those other priorities – is to please Allah. And only Allah.”

Haney informed that Quran 8:60 is the most violent verse in the Islamic scriptures, which incites followers of Islam to wreak havoc in the infidels – those who do not submit to Allah.

“And it is the most violent chapter in the Quran because the whole thing is about plundering and conquering the infidel and taking their land,” he informed, according to WND. “So, it is not coincidental that she starts off her speech by challenging her audience with ‘why are we so unprepared?’

The verse was broken down into English.

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows,” Quran 8:60 reads. “And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.”

When charging attendees to not live in fear, Sarsour called them to be a part of an active rebellion.

“Why are we so afraid of this administration and the potential chaos that they will ensue on our community?” she asked.

But the word “chaos” has an implicit meaning for Muslims.

“Chaos is a form of ‘fitnah,’ of which the Quran warns all Muslims,” Hohmann explained. “Fitnah is a type of oppression, persecution or test brought upon by unbelievers. And the Quran gives the foreboding advice that ‘fitnah is worse than slaughter,’ meaning to slaughter is preferable than to be oppressed by the unbelievers.”

The next step for American Muslims to take in their faith to solve the Trump “problem” was offered by Sarsour.

“She says chaos will ensue from this administration,” Haney asserted. “Chaos is a code word for fitnah. She’s saying this administration is causing fitnah. And fitnah requires jihad.”

Same message, same crowd

Inciting American Muslims to violence is nothing new to the fiery Islamic activist.

“Sarsour’s ISNA speech is vitally important because it’s a clarion call for average Muslims to be on their guard and ready to take drastic measures against the Trump administration and its supporters,” Hohmann pointed out. “The exact same message was provided in more lofty verbiage by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, or AMJA, just a few weeks after Donald Trump’s election as president. In that document, the AMJA – which serves as the source of fatwa rulings to be followed by nearly all Sunni Muslim mosques in North America – said that the election of Trump was a ‘calamity’ for the American Muslim community.”

Last November, she reminded fellow believers of the Quran about the AMJA guidelines for Muslims living in the U.S., emphasizing that the new administration was the enemy and calling Trump’s victory of Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton disastrous for Muslims.

“There are numerous touch points between her speech and the AMJA road map,” Haney stated. “So, she answers the question on why they are afraid. ‘You should expect a chaos from this administration. There’s your ‘calamity’ referred to in the road map. This is a mirror image of the road map, which follows the Quranic principle of fitnah and oppression.”

Haney also recounted how Sarcour charged fellow Muslims in the U.S. to remain “perpetually outraged” against the Trump administration and its supporters.

“We have to stay outraged,” the fundamentalist Islamic leader proclaimed, according to WND. “Do not criticize me when I say that we as a Muslim community in these United States of America have to be perpetually outraged every single day. When I wake up in the morning and I remember who is sitting in the White House, I am outraged. This is not normal, sisters and brothers. Those people sitting in the most powerful seats in the country, is not normal. So, do not ever be those citizens that normalize this administration, because when the day comes that something horrific happens to us or to another community, you will be responsible for normalizing this administration.”

She impressed that the laws and standards of the U.S. government must never come before Allah – and Haney took this as a huge warning.

“This ties into the loyalty and enmity doctrine taught by the Quran,” Haney alerted. “That is the mandate or requirement by Allah to love what is good and hate what is evil, and that’s what she is telling them to do. She’s not telling them to do anything that complies with state or federal law, but she is telling them to comply with pure Quranic doctrine. And when they hear these words, they know very well exactly what she’s saying: Oppose anything opposed to Islam.”

He noted how this Islamic thinking falls in line with the AMJA road map, which set a new course with the onset of the Trump administration.

“They said you can be a part of this culture as long as you hate it in your heart,” Haney concluded. “And in case you were doubting what she meant, she says your number-one obligation as an American Muslim is loyalty to Allah and enmity toward anything that opposes Allah and, therefore, not to assimilate!”

This theme was stressed by Sarsour as being of top importance.

“She said that Muslim-Americans’ number one priority should be protecting and defending their communities – not assimilating or pleasing people in power,” Fox News reported.

It was also noted that Obama fully backed Sarsour’s jihadist movement when he bestowed an honor upon her during the first year of his second term in the White House.

“Sarsour … was named a ‘Champion of Change’ by the Obama administration in 2012,” Fox News’ Fox and Friends recounted.


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