Disney blasted for animated homosexual kiss


A pro-family leader maintains that Disney has left no doubt as to where it stands on the issue of homosexuality following recent moves by the entertainment giant to incorporate LGBT-friendly programming.

First, Disney XD aired a same-gender kiss on an episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil – a first for the Disney Channel.

Secondly, it is reported that the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, will feature a character having same-gender attractions with another character.

Monica Cole, who serves as the director of OneMillionMoms.com – a division of the American Family Association (AFA) – maintains that Disney is no longer hiding its agenda of indoctrinating children.

“Not only am I – as a mother – disappointed in Disney, but extremely angry because of the fact that parents should be able to trust companies that are entertaining children … but that’s no longer the case,” Cole expressed.

“They have done these things before,” Hollywood veteran Dr. Ted Baehr says of the once-family-friendly entertainment company. “Disney consistently has inserted this type of material. That is why (AFA) took Disney to task in the 1990s.”

As a grandfather of eight, Baehr says he is greatly concerned. The scene may be overlooked by parents because it’s brief but they should be concerned regardless, he insists.

Not happy about Disney showing two homosexuals kissing in one of its popular animated programs,Cole is giving concerned parents a warning.

“Parents should be alert and aware of everything their children are watching, and this is just another example,” Cole warns.

She implores parents to take action against this homosexual agenda propagated by Disney.

“If we let our voice be heard and vote with our wallets and don’t go see the new movie, don’t watch their programs and increase their ratings, then that will speak volumes,” Cole impressed.

Cole maintains that the entertainment industry will continue to get much worse if parents remain silent.


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