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Allow me to say that I want out of this current system of financial enslavement as much as anyone else that understands what’s actually happening. It seems very clear the powers that shouldn’t be have something against the people of this planet and awaken everyday to dream up new ways to steal our wealth, our property and our soul. They have become very adapt to making it seem favorable to our lives that we should want them to have everything and for us to have nothing. I wish the powers that shouldn’t be nothing but pain and sorrow, equal to or greater than what they have inflicted on the people of this world for the past several hundred years.

To harsh? Tell that to the mother who just buried her child from a heroin overdose or drone strike or gun shot because he lived in the “wrong” neighborhood. Tell that to children who’s parents were just killed by a so-called “terrorist” (false flag) who decided they wanted to have dinner at a sidewalk cafe in Paris or that wanted to go dancing at a nightclub in Orlando. Tell that to the families who’s financial world was ruined by Wells Fargo that opened accounts in their name and used them to scam millions of dollars. There are plenty more examples of what “harsh” actually looks like. Explain to me, again, why we have soldiers in Afghanistan – oh, that’s right, protecting the poppy fields that produce the heroin. So, yes, I want out of this system.

I was recently challenged by a You Tube comment on the video I produced, Embracing Cryptos – Bashing Gold. The commenter stated that Andreas Antonopoulos had the answers to some of my questions.

I listened to the presentation below, which is very well done and explains bitcoin in a way that is easy to understand and anyone with an IQ above 10 should be able to grasp. Andreas is not only highly intelligent, he is very articulate – two qualities I very much respect.

Wether you know bitcoin inside/out or are just learning about cryptocurrencies, this video will help answer a lot of questions. It may not, as in my case, change your thinking or your stance regarding cryptocurrencies, but it will most certainly throw a few bones to chew on.

The questions that I have been plaguing me about the whole thing all stem from what we experience today with our currency and the fact that it is owned by, what could be argued, the most powerful people in the world. Our money, gold and silver, were stolen more than a hundred years ago and we have been left with a debt based system of theft and financial enslavement. This system is highly engrained and allows, literally, a handful of unelected people to make the biggest decisions on the planet.

It seems that everything is going to come down to one simple situation – can the people create better technology than the best financed people in the world? That’s where we stand right now.

During this next video, a Q/A session, Andreas tackles the most important question on the table – governments, banks and institutional cryptocurrencies. Once Andreas describes the various forms of government it becomes quiet clear what form of government is actually present in the U.S. and most of the world. I didn’t need to listen to the remainder of the video as the picture completely unfolded right before my eyes. Needless to say, I didn’t like what I was seeing.

Who’s technology is stronger, faster and can stand up to full bore, never-ending 100% cyberattack supported by ever expanding technology? This is the new battle line.

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