Ginsburg says she was encouraged by the women's march protesting his election.

**   Wicked Woman March**

WASHINGTON (February 23, 2017) — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is praising the liberal media at a time when the Trump administration has accused reporters of being dishonest and delivering “fake news.”

Ginsburg tells the BBC’s “Newsnight” program in an interview Thursday that she reads The Washington Post and The New York Times every day, and that “reporters are trying to tell the public the truth.”

During the election campaign, the New York Times and the Washington Post attacked Trump on a daily basis.

The 83-year-old justice isn’t commenting directly on President Donald Trump, but says she was encouraged by the women’s march protesting his election.

That march heard from a long list of far left activists.  Some of the speakers used foul language and seemed to advocate violence against conservatives.

In her interview with the BBC,  Ginsburg says the United States is “not experiencing the best times but there is reason to hope that we will see a better day.”

Ginsburg was openly critical of Trump in media interviews before his election. She later said she regretted her “ill-advised” comments.

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