Governor Jerry Brown prepares to privilege the lawless,Criminalfornia, Here We Come....

Jerry Brown is already backing attorney general Xavier Becerra in his court fight against the feds and his invective against Trump is second to none. The governor was also soft on violent criminals from the start of his political career, when he gained the governorship on the coattails of his father, a former California governor.

In the early going, Brown’s major theme was that all judicial proceedings that render a death sentence for a convicted murderer are illegitimate and should be overturned. So he appointed as Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court his former campaign chauffer Rose Bird, an arrogant type with no judicial experience. 
'Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday making California the first state in the nation to ban the use of grand juries to decide whether police officers should face criminal charges when they kill people in the line of duty.'

'The ban, which will go into effect next year, comes after grand juries in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York, made controversial decisions in secret hearings last year not to bring charges against officers who killed unarmed black men, sparking protests across the country.'
Subversion under color of law, purporting to alter our system of law and violate rights as part of a conspiracy of public fraud - all as the result of a number of media-hyped incidents which were presumably intended as a pretext to do just that.
Leaving this here as evidence so we can indict later on this once the common law juries have been emplaced.

Jerry Brown has made California the illegals’ dream state, and it will be more of a magnet under SB 54. A ballpark figure for the number of violent criminal illegals who will be handed over to ICE, much less deported, is zero.

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