( HNewsWire ) According to unnamed sources the Huffington Post writers use cocaine and psychedelic drugs before writing hit pieces on conservative Fox News journalists Eric Bolling, unnamed sources also confirm with HNewsWire that homosexual orgy parties are common procedure at the Huffington Post corporate…

Battle lines are being drawn without any evidence having been presented. This is tribalism, a creature of bifurcated thinking. To defend someone or something without fully and carefully examining all available evidence is unwise.

It’s certainly possible that the claims against the Fox News host are fabricated, but unless and until more evidence is brought to light, taking sides is, to put it bluntly, idiotic.

If the allegations prove to be false, one hopes that Bolling will be vindicated, not only legally, but in the court of public opinion. However, if it’s proven that his accusers are telling the truth, those who stood unquestioningly with Bolling will have been guilty of defending a predator.

It is imperative that we think clearly, and examine situations in such a way that when the verdict is read, we don’t appear as fools or villains

The piece above written about Huffington Post misconduct is fabricated, it is quite possible that the Huffington Post has fabricated the hit piece on Eric Bolling.. StevieRay Hansen, HNewsWire

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