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# “Liberals” Like Censorship, Violence, and Setting People’s Hair on Fire…

HERE ONCE was a time when a self-described liberal would tell a non-liberal, “I disagree with what you say, but I would fight to the death to protect your right to say it.” And then the liberals got some power, and they stopped saying it. They never really meant it, anyway.

When liberals were politically empowered, they became aggressive with censorship. They devised methods of preventing their debate opponents from being heard. They began to use smear words, shaming tactics, shout-downs, intimidation, and violence.

And the leftists are sneaky, demanding that their opponents “show their faces” (which the right usually does anyway) while they, themselves, wear ski masks, or bandanas in bandit-style, during street demonstrations to hide theirs. And be on your guard when a leftist demands that you “tell the truth!” It means that the leftist, himself, has probably been lying.

Hypocrisy does not make the left blush. They think its brazen use to be rather clever, and they pat themselves on the back when they can pull it off.

A few days ago, a “liberal” protester committed an* assault by fire* at President Trump’s inauguration.

At Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, a crowd of leftist protesters tried to block citizens from attending the event.

Among the anti-Trump protesters was an overweight non-White female who used a cigarette lighter to set on fire the hair of a White woman who was a Trump supporter, while other leftist protesters tried (unsuccessfully) to shield the attack from the view of a nearby camera.

The attacker is the woman wearing the blue and white hat, shown in the images below and the video above.

The obese non-White female in the blue and white hat is the one who lit the White woman Trump supporter’s hair on fire.
Afterwards some of the other liberals tried to apologize, but their contrition over the attack did not extend to apprehending the attacker and holding her for the police. Words are cheap.

This is, you know, the kind of anecdote that makes political history. History teachers in high schools and colleges will be mentioning, a century from now, the inauguration ceremony of President Donald Trump as the event wherein a liberal protester spitefully set a woman’s hair on fire.

I’m inclined to think that the attacker isn’t Norma Zahory, as some have suggested, but someone else. The woman in the blue and white hat looks more like a Mestizo than an Arab type. I could be wrong, of course, but I think that the attacker isn’t the person who was named by some researchers.

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“Liberals” Like Censorship, Violence, and Setting People’s Hair on Fire…“Liberals” Like Censorship, Violence, and Setting People’s Hair on Fire…“