Left-wingers whine over EPA chief's speech


A left-wing organization is pointing out that Scott Pruitt failed to mention mention climate change in his first speech to the EPA, and a climate change skeptic says it’s about time.

“This has been an agency that’s allowed global warming to hijack the EPA’s agenda,” complains Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

“So the most impressive thing Scott Pruitt could do on his first opening speech as EPA chief,” Morano adds, “is not mention climate change.”

The complaint came from far-left website Think Progress, which complained that Pruitt now ironically leads the federal agency he sued as Oklahoma attorney general over its regulations. That fact failed to get mentioned, too, the story stated.

“No longer do we have to hear EPA officials and administration officials in power talk about how EPA climate regulations will somehow alter a path of storms or global temperature when they won’t even impact global CO2 levels,” Morano tells OneNewsNow


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