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Liberal Alan Dershowitz reveals ‘hard left’ is his biggest enemy, poses ‘far greatest danger to American future’...

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz surprisingly slammed the “hard left” as the greatest enemy, warning about the danger the the far left poses to the future of America.

The prominent attorney is appearing in a segment of “No Safe Spaces,” an upcoming documentary that will be hosted by comedian Adam Carolla and conservative talk-show host Dennis Prager as they take on the issue of free speech controversies on college campuses.

Discussing college teachers who refuse to defend free speech, Prager asked Dershowitz (who had just called himself a liberal) whether conservatives or liberals were the greater threat.

“There’s no question: My biggest enemies are the hard left,” the attorney replied. “The far left poses a far greater danger to the American future than the hard right.”

Noting the August 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the constitutional law scholar said neo-Nazis don’t worry him as much as the hard left.

“I’m not worried about a few dozen people with swastikas who want to replace the Jews, because they’re our past,” Dershowitz said. “They have no resonance on university campuses today.


“But the hard, hard left? Anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, intolerance for speech. It’s the future. These are our leaders,” he continued.

“In 50 years of teaching at Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Hebrew University, you name it, I have never met a group of less courageous people in my whole life than tenured Harvard and tenured other professors,” he said. “They are so terrified of their own shadow. They don’t want to do anything that upsets a student.”

Dershowitz noted that professors are highly concerned about negative student evaluations, and pointed out that students gave him zero ratings in order to “punish” him for opposing views.

“They want their student evaluations to be very, very high. They want to be admitted to all the academic societies and clubs,” he explained. “I have been blackballed from numerous of these organizations. I was the most highly regarded classroom teacher for years at Harvard until I started making these points. And then groups of students attacked my ratings. They would give me zero, zero, zero, zero in order to punish me for expressing my views.”

“Safe Spaces” is aiming for a fall release. But, another both frightening and hilarious promo can be watched below:

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