More BS-Twitter says a now-fixed bug allowed ad campaigns to target users with derogatory terms ,Now fix your censorship PROBLEMS"...

Add Twitter to the list of companies that Censor Christian Conservative,also have had to respond to questions around the ability to target ad campaigns against derogatory keywords in their advertising platform, though Twitter says this was a result of a bug.

"We determined these few campaigns were able to go through because of a bug that we have now fixed," a Twitter spokesperson said. "Twitter prohibits and prevents ad campaigns involving offensive or inappropriate content, and we will continue to strongly enforce our policies."

Reports came out this week that advertisers were able to target ads based on a collection of derogatory keywords on Facebook. Facebook yesterday told TechCrunch that it is now working to prevent such offensive entries in demographic traits from appearing as addressable categories. Google, too, seemed to face a similar problem.

The Daily Beast yesterday reported that Twitter ads targeted to offensive keywords were able to reach millions of users. Twitter told The Daily Beast yesterday that the keywords "have been blacklisted for several years."

Twitter, for example, allows advertisers to search for keywords from Tweets, though its policies explicitly ban offensive content on the platform. Twitter has a blacklist for offensive words and phrases to try to ensure that this doesn't happen, though when you have an audience as large as, say, Facebook or Twitter, it's possible that things can slip through the cracks, "SRH REALLY" ...Twitter alternative Gab is facing censorship from the tech industry on two fronts. Twitter apparently no longer allows sharing between the two social media platforms, while Apple rejected the GAB IOS app on the grounds that it includes user-posted pornographic content.

GAB CEO Andrew Torba, a.k.a. the GabFather, is appealing this decision.
“The double standards of Silicon Valley are on full display with this app store rejection from Apple. Apps like Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter are flooded with pornographic content and allowed to remain on the App store,” he explained in an email to Breitbart Tech.

During the election season, Twitter suspended several users on the political right for alleged hate speech, but seldom took any action for similar behavior on the left. It also was regularly accused of shadow-banning users and hashtags unfavorable to Hillary Clinton.

Also, back in August, Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted a big-ticket fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.
Gab’s issues with “Big Social” are hardly a surprise since it’s no particular secret that Silicon Valley tilts left. You may recall that earlier this year, Facebook found itself engulfed in a controversy over suppressing conservative-oriented stories from its trending news section, which led to a change in curation procedures. It also prompted Torba to decide to develop Gab in the first place.
Moreover, in another questionable decision, in its stated effort to weed out “fake news,” Facebook selected four or five left-wing organizations including Politifact, as fact-checkers.

Parenthetically, allegations also emerged during the campaign that Google was suppressing information unfavorable to Hillary Clinton.
In a separate interview with Breitbart Tech, Torba — a Trump supporter who was kicked out of a Silicon Valley start-up organization after a heated online dispute with other members — noted that his platform won’t engage in politically correct suppression of free speech.

“We believe that the only valid form of censorship is self-censorship, an individual’s freedom to opt-out. Gab empowers users to self-censor and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they don’t want to see in their feeds to help stop and prevent different forms harassment. However, we do take steps to protect ourselves and our users from illegal activity.”
Still a work in progress, the rapidly growing, which allows a 300-character message rather than Twitter’s 140, is accepting new users, but there is a bit of a waiting list. Hopefully, Gab will begin to attract a wider audience across the political spectrum.
Breitbart Tech

Gab, an ad-free social network centered around free speech & personal liberty has been under fire from the corporatized mainstream media lately, after the startup announced a lawsuit against Google.

Gab received an email from their domain registrar late Sunday night about a “domain violation” regarding the violation of Australian federal and state anti-discrimination laws. It is unclear what Gab has specifically violated if anything at all due to the lack of specificity from Asia Registry’s legal team.
Asia Registry has decided to give Gab 5 days to find a new domain registrar or they will cancel Gab’s domain name registration

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