Officers Hit in Head by Bricks in St. Louis, the left's latest pro-crime and anti-police race riot looks like...

This is what the left's latest pro-crime and anti-police race riot looks like. It's a brick thrown in the face of a police officer. Black or white. It doesn't matter to them.

St. Louis Police Officer (26-year-old white female with over 1 year of service) injured by thrown btick, broken jaw, conveyed to hospital.
St. Louis police officer (25-year old black female with over 2 years of service) injured by thrown brick, head pain and dizziness - conveyed to hospital.
Never forget.

This is what the left supports. This is what it considers a "peaceful protest". This is what it calls "civil rights activism".
This is the real face of the violent racist black nationalist Black Lives Matter racist hate group.

These were not the only injuries. A large number of other police officers were also hurt.
The injuries include a St. Louis police officer who suffered a dislocated shoulder from a thrown brick and a police officer with facial injuries from a thrown brick. 
There are multiple head injuries. And a solid case for properly cracking down on the racist thugs.

There's been a lot of furor over Antifa on the right. But it should not be forgotten that the entire crisis was caused by black nationalist anti-statue campaigns. And that Antifa glommed on to existing conflicts the way that it has a long history of doing. Black nationalists are far more dangerous and pervasive than the rich white hipster grad students of Antifa can ever be.

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