POLITICS-GOVT U.N. labeled 'anti-Christian' in U.S. push to exit


Religious leaders and politicians alike are calling for the United States government to leave the United Nations (U.N.), with some insisting that the international agency merely exists to breed “globalist and radical Islamic agendas.”

As more and more American sentiment continues to build up against the U.N. in the wake of its latest anti-Israel resolution, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) included herself in the opposition to the global organization by joining the #USexit movement that insists it is predisposed to work against American interests.

“[The U.S. should] get the heck out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S,” Palin exclaimed, according to WND.

Joining the political backlash against the U.N., more and more prominent members of the conservative media are joining in the chorus to dismantle the beleaguered agency after it passed the resolution telling Israel to stop building settlements on its own land in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. The Resurgent’s Josh Hammer made it clear that he has had enough.

“Destroy the United Nations.” Hammer proclaimed.

U.N. anti-Israel and anti-Christian?

Christian leaders are also coming down hard on the U.N. after its anti-Israel resolution, insisting that the U.S. and the incoming Trump administration must vigorously work against it because it no longer serves a productive purpose in the global community.

“I believe it is past time for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations,” pastor Carl Gallups, who is an ardent supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, told WND. “One rule shared by most successful people and nations is to never eternally invest in a concept, organization or philosophy to the extent that when that entity is drastically changed, or has become obsolete or corrupt, that you cannot pull out it.”

Gallups, who has authored several books, including, When the Lion Roars, which discusses the role of a world government in the Last Days, argues that the U.N. has strayed from its originally intended path over the decades.

“In 1945, the United Nations was established with the main goal of maintaining international peace and security – what could go wrong with an idea like that?” the Christian leader pondered. “Well, here we are, and not only has the U.N. concept gone wrong, but it has – in the opinion of many – become corrupt to the very core.”

He maintains that the U.N. is now aiding and abetting the very global terrorism that it was established to defeat.


“The United Nations has become nothing more than a breeding ground for the globalist and radical Islamic agendas,” Gallups argued. “It promotes wildly anti-Israel propaganda, furthers schemes that imperil American sovereignty and foments anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. What’s worse, there are good reasons to believe the United Nations is a globalist, anti-Christian organization that could play a dire role during the last days. Let us disassociate ourselves from that godless mess now.”

Leave the U.N. now

El Shaddai Ministries Pastor Mark Biltz, who is also a strong supporter of Israel, insists that the U.N. exists today as a dangerous enemy of the Jewish State.

“It is my opinion that the United States and Israel should withdraw all funding from the United Nations – just for starters,” Biltz expressed to WND. “The next step, if they do not overturn the resolution, would be to expel the organization from the United States. The U.N. is more like the United Nothings. And the two-state solution is more like the Final Solution and should be completely scrapped.”

Biltz, who is pleased that Trump is honoring his call for the U.S. Embassy to move to Jerusalem, also discovered the “Blood Moons” phenomenon and wrote a book about its prophetic significance in the End Times.

“It is clear to me that the Blood Moons of 2014-2015 were clear signs that we are in the prophetic times when Israel is becoming a cup of trembling to all nations,” the expert on Israel and eschatology explained.. “Joel 3:2 states that God will judge all nations who have come to part His land. The United Nations is the representation of all nations of the world who are coming to part the land of Israel. It is time for God to judge the United Nations, which supports a two-state solution. The Blood Moons were prophetic signs that this time has come. May the Temple be rebuilt and the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be exalted.”

Another advocate of Israel, Joel Richard, who teaches Scripture, hosts The Underground and wrote the New York Times bestseller, The Islamic Antichrist, maintains that the scandals within the U.N. are mindboggling.


“This past year, 2016, the United Nations passed 20 resolutions that were distinctly anti-Israel,” Richardson pointed out. “Only four resolutions against other nations were passed; one each for Syria, North Korea, Iran and Russia. This is more than a mockery of justice. The United Nations has become the de facto Palestinian branch of diplomatic jihad and propaganda. Today, the United States pays for close to a quarter of the total budget of the U.N. Why? Not only should the United States defund the U.N., they should completely withdraw. As a person of conscience who deeply values the principles of honesty and justice, I’m praying President Trump will do what is right and kick this corrupt cartel out of New York.”

Gallups insists that the billions of dollars the U.S. pours into the U.N. make the agency’s corrupt behavior that much worse.

“Last year’s report showed that the U.S. pays about $3 billion a year to the general United Nations budget,” he explained. “America withdrawing financial support could effectively put the United Nations out of business. What are they doing at this point anyway, other than wasting billions of dollars, promoting a blatantly globalist agenda, continually attempting to encroach upon U.S. sovereignty and incessantly bashing Israel? Why tolerate it any longer?”

The evangelical leader described the U.N. as anything but a peacekeeper – contending that it is more like a global cancer.

“The United Nations is a dinosaur that has turned into a flesh-eating monster,” Gallups concluded. “The billions of taxpayer dollars we waste lavishing on these globalists and Israel haters could then go toward the more immediately needed goal of taking care of our own people, infrastructure and border security. Get us out – and get them off our soil.”


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