President Obama Speaks to the Press for the Last Time, Finally....


Good coming in , the bad going out…..

Pres. Obama gave his last news conference today to the White House press corps, as I sat and listened to Obama I couldn’t help but wonder how did this senator from Chicago get elected as president of the United States. Mr. Obama does not have a clue about what the majority of Americans wanted from a president, a community organizer, a ideologue, that had an agenda that only benefited a liberal point of view.
From the left he was the Savior, Mr. Obama could usher in the liberal utopia, with his friends, the media, Hollywood, and a select group of billionaires from around the world had a vision to make this country slaves to the False God’s of liberalism. As Mr. Soros has suggested, open society was the vision, the Clintons, Busch elder, Obama’s and the UN where under the false impression that their goals was in reach this election. Thank God there vision was destroyed at least for the time being.
One only has to look to places like Europe, namely Amsterdam to see the destruction of the open society, of course the UN would be in full charge of all of our lives and we would all bow down at the altar of their false God’s one world government. “THE UN”.
The good people of this country need to thank God that their plans were destroyed, their dreams have been annihilated, and we the American people do not have to heavy yoke of a one world government dictating our very lives.
We have an opportunity to recognize God, to recognize that if we turned our backs on the creator “GOD” then he will turn us over to our own devices.
The majority of people want a clean normal life, to raise our children in an environment that promotes healthy family values and allows us an opportunity to serve the living God, through his son Jesus Christ.
We need to take a stand, not allow the ungodly to rule, to set policy,Washington DC is full of these types, there the politicians that we’ve elected, by now… my hopes are you realize they have lied to you, they have been dishonest, and misled you in their quest to remain in power.
It is time to drain the swamp, we need to remind President-elect Donald Trump often of his promises, and not allow more lip service from DC. It’s time to unite and demand that our way of life(a Christian nation) remains bright light into the world, don’t buy in to this false narrative of inclusion diversity, the political correct playbook of the ungodly, I would rather be a bigot that stands for Christianity, than a liberal that’s going to hell.,
StevieRay Hansen
8 GD
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