President Trump’s 4-word retort to Democrats who brought DREAMers to SOTU wins best line of night...

The Democratic Party attempted to make an in-your-face statement to President Trump at his first State of the Union address by bringing dozens of DREAMers as their guests.

The public display of opposition, following upon the Democrats’ defeat during shutdown negotiations on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an extra-constitutional executive action decreed by former President Obama to protect DREAMers, the children of illegal immigrants, was not expected to draw a retort from the president on the national stage.

“Americans are dreamers, too.”

It was a line delivered deftly and matter-of-factly. Its resonance throughout the political sphere was nonetheless remarkable.

President Trump’s first State of the Union was filled with memorable moments. But no line is more memorable than the president’s case for the entire nation: Americans are dreamers, too.

It is an homage to the forgotten men and women who got the president elected. It pays tribute to our American heritage, including all the immigrants who legally came to this nation and bravely strove to build a better future for themselves and their children. Notifications&utm_medium=BPR


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