PRO-LIFE Twitter showing its true colors...

The campaign by Twitter promoting political correctness on the issue of life continues.

Two high-profile pro-life groups – Live Action and the Susan B. Anthony List – have had their paid ads on Twitter rejected, especially when the ad contains the truth that abortion kills a baby. Mallory Quigley with Susan B. Anthony List voices her frustration.

"We've asked them multiple times if they will now re-launch our advertising campaign or Live Action's, who they've prohibited from advertising for more than the last year now, and they've yet to respond," she shares. "This is incredibly frustrating. It's stymying us from getting our message out."

According to Quigley, at the same time the pro-life ads have been rejected there has been a myriad of ads from Planned Parenthood on Twitter.

Quigley, Mallory (SBA List)"In fact there's been side-by-sides done of advertisements from Planned Parenthood and Live Action using very similar language," she explains. "It's just that one group has a pro-abortion stand and one group has a pro-life stand – and it's very clear that Twitter is selectively censoring groups that have a pro-life point of view."

Both pro-life organizations are encouraging people with Twitter accounts to send a tweet to Twitter voicing disapproval of its rejection of pro-life ads. Twitter users can also use their accounts to send messages of both groups through their own accounts to get a wider distribution on the life issue.

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