PTC asks SNL to be TV-14

tv MA

The Parents Television Council is concerned with a longtime NBC comedy that has announced it will go live coast-to-coast in its final four episodes of the season.

“Saturday Night Live” will broadcast live nationwide for the first time, which means that on the Pacific Coast the show will air at 8:30 p.m. when many children will be watching.

The Parents Television Council has worries about the program’s content since SNL is no stranger to controversy.

“They certainly have not shied away from airing questionable content in the late time slot where it normally airs,” says the PTC’s Melissa Henson.

The hours when kids are likely to be watching, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., is known as the “safe harbor” by the FCC.

Henson and PTC are hopeful that SNL will rate the live shows TV-MA instead of the normal TV-14.

There’s a possibility somebody may go off script or inadvertently say or do something that might cross the line, so she show urges SNL to take responsibility.

“So we have concerns,” she says, “that content that might be legally permissible in its normal time slot, during the safe harbor, is not appropriate clearly for such an early time slot when we know there is a high likelihood that there are going to be kids in the viewing audience.”


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