Satanists seeking religious rights


If you were under the impression that the opposition to your religious freedom came from rational people who just have a disagreement with conservatives, wait until you see who’s jumping into the movement.

The latest group to declare their allegiance to the anti-Christian cause might surprise and even frighten you a little.

“If we’re asking for religious rights for all, then we need to understand what that means. That means religious rights for Satanists as well,” a Satanist declares.

The Satanic Temple tells the outlet Broadly it is looking to mainstream itself and is vying for converts among one of the fastest growing segments of the American spectrum of faith – atheists and so-called free thinkers. But they insist that is just parody to make a point. Satan, they say, is not real; they just need a gimmick to counter the inroads Christianity has made into society.

“We don’t believe in a guy with a red poker down in Hell waiting … to torment us for the rest of our life,” the spokesperson explains.

Worldview expert and author [Eric Metaxas]( begs to differ.

“This is real,” Metaxas submits. “I know this is real. I’m not just saying this. I know that the demonic and the satanic is real. People need to take that very seriously and be very careful what they mess with.”

He compares it to being offered free drugs.

“You are playing with what is so nasty that it will be a long time before it’s ever going to let you know how nasty it is, and then it’s going to be too late,” the author warns.

He adds that it is something a person will regret for the rest of his or her life.

“There’s a real spirit world, and if you play in the world of the satanic, let me just say you do not … want to play in that world,” Metaxas concludes.



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