Self-appointed purveyors of truth—Google, Snopes,Tweeter,FakeBook are trying to manage us “deplorables.” NOT.....

The truth is, yes, Nazis are despicable, white supremacists are indeed detestable, but they're no threat to our country.  Their numbers are insignificant, their messages obsolete.  Had they been left alone to protest, it would have been a non-event, hardly newsworthy.

No, the real threat is our government and media, who made this protest front page news, who blanketed the airways with Charlottesville for days to stoke the flames of racism and hate.

The threat to our liberty comes from our government's move to defend Antifa, the 21st-century storm troopers whose motto appears to be "shut up or we'll shut you up."  The threat is from globalists, who seek to interfere in America's internal affairs, and the United Nations, who suggests that the U.S. suppress freedom of expression to combat racism.

The mother of all threats is Americans who feel justified to turn on other Americans, who tacitly agree to ration freedom to state-sanctioned groups. 
For those who revel in this self-righteous judgement, remember the fate of those reviled Jews under Hitler.  In the end there was no one left to defend them, no one to oppose Hitler's government, to stop the coming holocaust.

For those who rail against white supremacists, go ahead, tout your moral superiority.  But note Antifa in black masks lawlessly shutting down free speech and compare that to the lawless KKK in their white robes.  Only the color of their hoods changes.

Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their property, their reputations, even their lives not so we can be talked out of freedom.  They warned of tyranny, built a Constitution to withstand attack, yet apparently never imagined Americans could simply be shamed into surrendering their  independence. 
A sense of urgency is missing from the American discourse, failure to recognize the looming danger.  The threat's very real: a public campaign to remove our president and undo our election is carried out daily in the media.  This is open sedition.  Many of our elected leaders are in on the coup, conspire to block the people's agenda.  Americans are denied their constitutional right to assemble and speak, shut down by violent Antifa with our government's blessing.

The window of freedom is closing, my friends.  The enemy is at the gate.  This new conditional liberty is anathema to democracy.  If we remain silent in the face of this oppression, there will be no going back.

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