Will the last man left in the Democrat Party turn out the lights? It won't be the Florida chair who was forced to resign after becoming the latest casualty of the sexual harassment scandals.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel resigned on Friday in the face of a torrent of top Democrats — including the entire 2018 gubernatorial field — demanding he step down from the high-level post.

His resignation follows a POLITICO report published Thursday night that he had a history of making demeaning remarks toward women, according to former party staffers and consultants.

“When my personal situation becomes distracting to our core mission of electing Democrats and making Florida better, it is time for me to step aside,” Bittel said in a statement.

There are quite a few of those distractions.

Nelson and Wasserman Schultz could not be reached for comment Friday.

Odd how that is.

Bittel is so-well connected that the state’s best-known Democrats, Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, call him friends and he has hosted President Obama and Vice President Biden at his home. Privately, many women weren’t as much awestruck by Bittel as turned off.

“He’s just so f----ng creepy,” said a former female party staffer, anger palpable in her tone. “He just leers at you, and stares. I don’t know if you know what that feels like, but he just leers at you. I don’t know how to describe the feeling.”

I'm sorry, for a moment I accidentally read that as Biden. Still Bittel did have a key qualifier for leadership in the political party of the perpetually aggrieved and upset. A private jet.

Six former Florida Democratic Party staffers and consultants say that current party Chairman Stephen Bittel has created an unprofessional workplace environment for women that includes persistent inappropriate comments, leering at young women and even inviting them on his private jet.

Sorry, Florida Dems. You too could have been invited on his private jet. Which is no doubt powered by carbon offsets and happy non-polluting thoughts.

Depending on the circumstance and the person discussing Bittel, they said he would make references about women cooking dinner, showing their breasts, their age, whether they wanted to ride on his plane, come to his hotel room or if they thought he was attractive.

How did this guy end up running the Florida Dems? Glad you asked.

The gist of the women’s accounts were bolstered by the observations of two male Democrats who worked with them and a former female candidate for a prominent office. They, too, did not want to be identified criticizing Bittel out of fear of angering the powerful party chairman, an independently wealthy developer who has long been a prominent political rainmaker tied to a secretive donor alliance.

Secretive donor alliance. Because that's what the Dems look like these days. A movement of secret donor alliances out back and rabid class warfare propaganda out front.

But this anecdote sums up the general hypocrisy of the Dems better than anything else.

The strange behavior of Bittel wasn’t just limited to staffers and consultants. A former female candidate for office recalls bringing two young attractive young staffers with her to see if she could rustle a donation out of the donor.

Bittel didn’t pay much attention to her, but he spent time staring at her two staffers, the candidate told POLITICO. She said Bittel kept remarking about the young women’s age.

“I felt uncomfortable leaving them in the room with him,” she said. “It was kind of icky.”

“I didn’t even get the check,” she added.

Yes, she didn't even get the check.


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