Suing Obama holdovers in the CIA and the FBI for the records they refuse to reveal


An unelected liberal elite is seeking to seize power in Washington. And every day, Judicial Watch is in court fighting to expose their government corruption.

We’re suing Obama holdovers in the CIA and the FBI for the records they refuse to reveal about Obama’s illegal leaking of classified surveillance of a key Trump aide.

We’re suing the State Department over the talking points Susan Rice used when she lied to the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attack, falsely blaming it on an “offensive video.”

And we’re suing the Director of National Intelligence about the outrageous Obama decision not to do a damage assessment of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email practices – as required by law.

We have now filed more than 20 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to ferret out the truth about the Obama-Russia Scandal. Including four separate FOIA requests to expose Susan Rice’s illegal surveillance of Donald Trump and his aides! And earlier this week, I appeared on Fox News calling for a grand jury to investigate her. At Judicial Watch, we don’t just talk – we act… And now, you can, too! We exposed the truth about the Clinton emails and we’ll do it again with the Obama-Russia Scandal. Please donate now to help your Judicial Watch continue to reveal the truth about Susan Rice — and the unelected liberal elite trying to illegally seize the power they couldn’t win at the polls.  ** Thank you for your continued support!   Sincerely, Tom Fitton >> DONATE NOW: HELP JUDICIAL WATCH FIGHT OBAMA’S DEEP STATE <<**

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