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The Austin Bombings And The Myth Of a Christian Crusader On a Mission...

HNewsWire-Austin Texas has been terrorized by a serial bomber for several weeks, Some in print media and mainstream media(cable) have decided that this young man is a Christian Crusader(no facts )Hell-bent on hurting other people because of his Christian faith.

It's very obvious the bias that exist within mainstream media, and other news organizations, the utter contempt for Christians. This is a perfect analogy of a rush to judgment, These liberal ideologues stand in line to not only marginalize but there is a concerted effort to destroy the foundation of Christianity.

If anyone believes that this young man that terrorized Austin Texas was a bible believing Christian you are the same individuals that believe Islam is the religion of peace.

Some of the headlines read young Christian man blows himself up as authorities close in, you would have never read a headline, young Muslim blows himself up as authorities close in, see the difference, the American people do.

These journalists, talking heads, are the same liberal that believes David Duke and the KKK are a Christian-based group.Not even David Duke believes he's a true bible believing God fearing Christian. For those of you that are Christian haters, this type of media spin will not turned the American people against Christianity.What it will do is turn the American people against mainstream media anti-Christian lies, deceit, and a disregard for the truth.

Side note: This young man from Austin Texas left a 25 minute recording in which he acknowledged having difficulties dealing with life problems. He was reaching out, for whatever reason no one picked up on the signs, and of course the rest of this horrible tragedy is history.We have neglected our children's nurturing in pursuit of the finer things in life, we may not want to face the facts( includes me in the observation) but this leaves children without mom, dad or both- which creates metal instability in young lives...

"You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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