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The second amendment has been shredded by the Trump White House and the state of Florida, Trump said it, take the guns due process comes later...

HNewsWire-"Coward" Broward County Florida becomes the first Nazi- Communists- dictatorship state to Shred this country's constitution, the people Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Conservative Tribune is reporting the first firearm seizure has occurred under a controversial new firearms measure enacted by Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

According to the Orlando Sentinel,and Conservative Media that the order was issued Friday by a Broward County judge.
Stand down Broward Country now decides to take guns away from citizens

“Four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition were ordered removed from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself or others,” the Sentinel reported.

According to Breitbart, the provision is part of a new $400 million law signed by Gov. Scott earlier this month.
The law allows a family member or law enforcement to petition a judge to take away the weapons of an individual deemed to be a risk.

This is bad law, we know that some authorities will abuse this unconstitutional law which is now in play in Coward Broward County Florida and the president of the United States gave Florida the okay to shred the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States."Pres. trumps" take the guns due process comes later, unbelievable....

It would have made more sense for the authorities in Florida to run the leads down that the authorities in Florida had on this Cruz school shooter(45 Call)? Apparently not!, they're going to spend $400 million in acting a new law that is unconstitutional, this is beyond the pale, we have a lawless society, and apparently the White House and our Justice Department is a part of that lawlessness, until the DOJ stop Florida's blatant glaring unconstitutional acts such as what were witnessing in the state of Florida, you can be sure Innocent people will get hurt because of corrupt political viewpoints and ideologies of a particular group that happen to be in power at the time.

This is the same County in Florida that refused to send their deputies into a school and the shooter slaughtered 17 children, Now they determined (Broward County) what citizens have the right to own a gun? After Pres. Trump came out with that statement, take the guns due process comes later, that opened the door for massive abuse of the peoples Second Amendment rights, I'm not sure we need a president or a Justice Department that will look the other way and let any state in this union violate the people's right to own and bear firearms.

This is a slippery slope to lawlessness, something the Democrats are experts at, shredding the Constitution of the United States.After all- Barry Obama was a constitutional scholar leading some American to believe he was the up-most authority on the people's rights, another lawless wayward Democrat hell-bent on destroying this country's foundation, the People's Constitution, a living document and one that has survived 200+ years as a blueprint for how we govern in this country and without it there will be hell on earth, pick your poison people, stand up and be counted or set down and shut up, except the yoke that's about to be placed around your neck.

"You are shepherds of the flock. Shepherds protect, speak out, and defend.

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