Trump convert Democrats into Republicans...


Democrats are quitting the Democratic Party in Massachusetts and presumably will in many other states….

Nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official.

Secretary of State in Mass William Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since Jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the MassGOP .

The Democratic agenda seems to be giving him a helping hand.  We live in interesting times….


The counterpoint might be that Democrats are leaving the Democratic Party, and Trump is leading the way to a realignment of political parties in America.  Perhaps many Democrats feel, as did Ronald Reagan, that the Democratic Party has left them.  Certainly Donald Trump has tapped into this feeling among Democrats, since many of the so-called Reagan Democrats feel left behind, unprotected, taken for granted, and mistreated by the Democratic Party. HNewsWire

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