HNewsWire: Declare George Soros ‘National Security Threat’ ...

### **Community Organizer Ready to Lead Soros’ Army of Left-Wing Political Action Groups **

Obama has reconstituted his Soros funded campaign war-fighting tool, the OFA, to lead the attacks on Trump since the inauguration. Obama is proud to be the Shadow President of the 187 Soros funded political action groups that are almost exclusively left-wing Democratic action groups. The march on Washington was led by Obama insiders and corporate loyalists who answer to George Soros who controls the DNC through his $6 billion dollars in donations. Bill and Hillary were bought and paid for by Soros, and Obama was hand-picked and fully funded by Soros personally and through his many organizations and foundations. The Democratic Party is principally funded by Soros and therefore Soros gives them their marching orders, as we have seen in the DNC Wikileaks. Soros says “dog” and Obama and Hillary sit up and bark. It is embarrassing to American history that the Obama and Clinton presidencies were purchased by the Transnational Evil Emperor George Soros, who is the most emboldened Corporate Warlord of Imperialism in the world.

By the Anonymous Patriots
The Millennium Report Exclusive


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