Tweeter is Done, New “Gab” social media platform, which has the tagline, “Free Speech for Everyone.”

Operating as virtual mind police, influential leaders of some of the world’s most recognized companies are using their online presence and real estate to manipulate public opinion so that their agendas and ideals are the ones that are heard – and the ones they oppose are the ones that are silenced … or altogether eradicated.

After supporting the Trump campaign last year, Andrew Torba moved from the liberal epicenter of the world – Silicon Valley, California … the home of Google, Apple, Facebook and other technology giants –  to the conservative state of Texas, as he found himself being trolled for his conservative views online.

“News, information and communication is really monopolized on the Internet by a select group of people, about four or five leaders in one of the most progressive cities in the world with some of the most progressive workers in the world,” Torba told Full Measure Host Sharyl Attkisson. “What I saw happening as a conservative in Silicon Valley was an agenda being pushed, and the conservative side and conservative ideas being suppressed.”

Fighting fire with fire

Seeing the extent of Internet control, Torba is now fighting against those who control information online in Texas, where he started his new “Gab” social media platform, which has the tagline, “Free Speech for Everyone.”

The fight to control information online and sway public opinion is now considered by many to be the most important and pitched battle of our day, as Americans and citizens around the world are now in a quandary as to what they can believe, what is real, and who is telling the truth online. With progressives in control of what most of the world reads – or searches – online, it does not come as a surprise to many that Leftists are more confident about online information than conservatives.

“Trust in the national media breaks along partisan lines,” Full Measure reported.“According to the latest survey: just 11 percent of Republicans now trust national news organizations – down from last year. Over the same period, Democrats’ trust has gone up, to 34 percent. Trust in social sites like Facebook and Twitter is in the single digits for all political persuasions; a reflection that the web is a free-for-all, where news is faked, and popular sites are subject to manipulation or censorship. We investigate efforts to control: The Sum of All Knowledge.”

Outraged after attending a Trump rally in San Jose and witnessing the violence of anti-Trump protesters firsthand as they targeted the then-future president’s supporters, something ignited in Torba to fight the system, so he began to post his feelings of frustration online, but the liberal backlash was intense.

**“**On Facebook, on Twitter, I wrote a blog about it,” the conservative told investigative journalist Attkisson. “Immediately, without getting into any of the issues or anything, I was automatically labeled a racist, a bigot, etc. Venture capitalists, people that I respected and had worked with on a very close level, just wrote me off completely and blacklisted me completely.”

Drowning in deep-blue California, Torba decided to go into a self-imposed exile in the red state of Texas, where he lives today, setting up shop to establish his own version of Twitter – Gab – which he hopes will work to stop the ever-increasing control of information online.

Controlling information central

Matthew Brown, a data analyst, said that there are specific areas that are used to shape and manipulate opinions the most on the Internet – places where he says people are unaware that they are actually being manipulated.

“Everywhere social,” Brown divulged as the prime target, when discussing the issue on Full Measure. “Everywhere social means specific Facebook pages, but it also means the comment sections in every major newspaper.”

One example of social media censorship was publicized in February, when Ohio homeschooling mother of 10, Elizabeth Johnston – also known as “The Activist Mommy” – had her Facebook account suspended because of her posts that said the Bible considers homosexuality a sin.

“[S]he wrote about how Leviticus condemns homosexuality as ‘detestable’ and an ‘abomination,’” The Christian Post recounted. “Johnston said the comment in question was posted over six months earlier in a long thread of comments that was in response to another Facebook user who claimed that Christians are hypocrites for condemning homosexuality, but being willing to eat shellfish and pork.”

Concealing conservatives

Brown insisted that unsuspecting people are being manipulated when they are doing simple things online, such as googling the news. He started his investigation to expose online manipulation after he commented on Facebook about his healthcare insurance costs tripling under ObamaCare. Following his post, digital activists disguised as ordinary people bombarded him.

“Digital activists are paid employees; their purpose is to attack anyone who’s posting something contrary to the view the page owner wants expressed,” the conservative watchdog informed.

Since numbers don’t lie, Brown did some research, using analysis software to produce black-and-white statistics. After evaluating 226,000 pro-Obamacare posts put up by 40,000 Facebook profiles, he discovered that 60 percent of all the posts were produced between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from just 100 profiles.

He asserted that this means only one thing – that these people were paid to post. He noted that this is rife on social media, where people use the popular tool “zombie profiles” to produce automated “robo” posts.

“A zombie post is a fake, purchased or rented Facebook profile that’s expressing the views of an organization – as if it was his or her own,” Brown explained. “But, when, in reality, the comment being expressed is done on software and written by generally one or two people. So, the zombie posts will go out on a schedule and then they are supported by zombie likes.”

Republicans and corporations can also get in on this manipulative posting frenzy – as well as the government.

“Even the government is in the game. Leaked emails show the feds seeking persona management software to allow 10 personas per user,” the staff of Full Measure noted. “They talk of creating an army of fake social media profiles maintained by actors gaming to hide their true location, and using tricks to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas.“

Think twice before your Google searches …

Pro-life activist leader Operation Rescue President Troy Newman recently complained about Google censoring his Abortions in America website, which revealed a great amount of information about America’s abortion industry. Apparently, because the statistics did not shine abortion in a positive light, Google made sure less traffic was directed to the website.

“But Google has censored this page,” Newman asserted. “Just after January, we noticed a huge reduction in the number of Web hits, and all those Web hits come from Google searches, so apparently people across the world were literally googling abortions in the United States – or abortions in America – and landing directly on our page as being very high up in the search parameters.”

Pro-abortion Google is just one of many Leftist tech companies that are set on wiping out the pro-life message.

“They’ve tried to shut us down in the past, so I’m certain that the pro-abortion people that run the strings at Google are wanting to censor the truth about the tragedy of abortion, and then supplant that information with radical pro-abortion information from the Center for Disease Control or Alan Guttmacher,” Newman insisted.

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