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Twitter, at some point you're going to realize Conservative, Christians do not need social media, VIDEO

**Twitter, at some point you’re going to realize Conservative, Christians do not need you…**
Twitter is a private company and can do whatever it wants with its platform. The issue here is that unless you’re within a certain mindset or have the right political mindset, you will get silenced. This what I am going to explore in this article. What stands out to me is that most of the people on the twitter safety council come from, shall we say, a certain political background: The so-called progressive left. They claim to be progressive, but actions speak louder than words. This insidious ideology advocates for “safe spaces”, blockbots and censorship. They are authoritarians and puritanical. You can check out the who is in the council here. What stands out is that a “safe spaces” Twitter is now synonymous with the censoring of dissenting opinions. Even merely having opinions that the staff don’t like, will get you removed or censored. The fact that there are officially sanctioned block bots proves that the left don’t want any person disagreeing with them, even in the slightest. It seems that the only thing you have to do to get on any of the myriad of block lists is to have a critical opinion of even the most inconsequential aspects of feminism. We already know that the employees at Twitter worship the social justice warrior crowd, people who largely get offended on the “behalf” of others. This is where the twitter council comes in to play and where the censorship issue becomes a big problem.
Randi Lee Harper is the woman who created the blockbot, GGatuoblocker, which claims that everyone on the list is a troll or harasser of women. The problem here is that most people on that list are literally on there just for following certain people, notably KFC and Obama have both been on that list. This Twitter block list is deeply flawed to say the least. I have personally been on that list for a while, meaning people I’ve never interacted with have me blocked for following the “wrong” people. Incredibly, this still isn’t enough for Twitter’s bloc of Social Justice Ideologues, they want Twitter to be more of a “safe space”, where blocking thousands of people already, for barely defensible reasons, is not enough. One prominent name stands out though: Feminist Frequency. Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian, who have been going around to everyone they can, spreading the good word on how problematic literally everything is. Now they’re on the council and are actively sharing their views via twitter and other social media outlets.
According to her, literally everything is sexist, everything is racist and everything is homophobic. So we must censor it as much as we can because it is harmful and problematic. Especially free speech and video games. McIntosh was already posting similar notions as Anita, yet he gets less attention, it’s probably for the best that that remains the case.
The biggest problem however, is that Twitter is listening to the opinions of puritans without a second thought, rather than heeding the words of people more educated on the subject. If you have been following the Twitter stock, it has been declining big time since the announcement. You can check out their stock here. At the time of writing it has gone back up, yet there is no denying that the announcement of the Twitter Council impacted the company in a negative way. We have individuals like Mark Kern, Lauren Southern and other prominent free speech advocates claiming that they are being shadow banned, which means no one can see what they’re actually tweeting. The only ones that can see it are themselves. All for having a slightly dissenting opinion from the all-mighty twitter council.
Mark Kern who has worked on games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 2, has been vocal on twitter regarding this censorship. He has been especially critical towards what he perceives as the authoritarian left which have gained a lot of power on social media. He has been advocating for Gamer gate and has been against censorship and has been especially critical of the appointment of Anita Sarkeesian as part of the council. Because of these criticisms he was shadow banned. Effectively preventing him from reaching his audience.
Lauren Southern, who is a conservative political commentator from Canada, was also shadowbanned. She has also been very critical towards twitter and the authoritarian left, as well as third wave feminism and their actions. Twitter seems to be having an issue with a woman voicing an opinion contrary to the whims of the council and have decided to shadowban her as a result. If you have a political opinion divorced from the mindset of a handful of people, you will get shadow banned or fully banned. Adam Baldwin just straight out quit Twitter after they deleted all of his tweets when he criticized the staff of the site. He has since come back to the platform. At the time of writing, he has just a little over a hundred tweets left. All of them recent. You can check out his Twitter here to verify. The fact that Twitter is now open about their selective censorship if you’re with a certain crowd is obvious. So is the solution. You, as a consumer of Twitter and its services, should voice your opinion to the Twitter staff. You could also leave twitter and visit other sites that will not have this selective, hypocritical, nature of censorship. Or you could just get shadow banned. Either way works.
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