"Undercover" CIA Agent Wants to Buy Twitter to Silence Trump...


What does a leftist cause celebre do when her 15 minutes are up? Does she dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or does she start fundraising to buy Twitter so she can kick off President Trump?

Valerie Plame is on a mission to get President Trump off Twitter.

How? By buying it, of course.

Wilson has started a GoFundMe page to buy a controlling interest in Twitter, in order to delete the president’s account. The company is currently worth nearly $12 billion, with its shares going for around $16.

You might be thinking, Who.

But if you flash back to the Bush admin, one of those “scandals” that was supposed to impeach George W (yes, this circus didn’t begin with Trump. Before there was TDS, there was BDS) involved Plame. The media claimed that Valerie Plame was an “undercover agent” who was being exposed to terrible danger by leaks from within the administration. (Meanwhile the media showed no compunction about outing actual intel personnel in sensitive areas if it suited its political agenda.) But after a failed and ridiculous movie, the Wilson/Plame train was over.

So Valerie Plame figured out how to get some attention.

The goal: $1 billion. That might be a stretch, though. Wilson has raised more than $3,000 since she launched the campaign on August 16.

“At the current market rate that would require over a billion dollars — but that’s a small price to pay to take away Trump’s most powerful megaphone and prevent a horrific nuclear war,” Plame wrote.

For Plame’s plan to work, either Buffett and Soros would have to dig deep for a sizable contribution. Or Twitter would have to lose 99% of its value. The latter is a likelier scenario than the former.

Despite mainstream media promotion, Plame, as of this writing has raised under $5K from only 98 people. I could get more people to donate to make Samantha Bee the First Woman on Mars.

> Proceeds from this campaign will be used to buy a controlling share of Twitter. If we can’t get a majority interest, we’ll explore options for buying a significant stake in the company and champion this proposal at the annual shareholder meeting.

How many shares can you buy with $5K? Not enough. But…

If that’s impossible for any reason or if there is a surplus from this campaign, 100% of the balance of proceeds will be donated to Global Zero…

So it’s a fundraising gimmick for a group pushing the Iran nuke sellout (while claiming to be against nuclear weapons.) That’s not surprising since Plame was one of the figures embarrassing themselves in the Global Zero video pushing Iranian nukes. And that means Ploughshares which did a lot of the pro-nuke organizing (despite being an anti-nuke group on paper.)

Valerie Plame was on the board of Ploughshares.

So it’s the same old gang trying to stage a publicity stunt to fundraise off Trump hatred. But they seem to have underestimated the intelligence and overestimated the stupidity of their audience. This was supposed to go viral and raise millions that would go to aiding America’s enemies through Ploughshares. Instead Plame just humiliated herself with what, to most people, looks like a drunken publicity stunt.

Apparently even progs aren’t this stupid.


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