US/Canadian Muslims Plotted New York Ramadan Memorial Day Attack....

Muslim terrorists have succeeded in pulling off some spectacular terror attacks in Europe in general and in France in particular, as I discussed in last week's article, France's Islamic WW3.

From the November attacks in 2015 that killed 130 people and wounded another 400+, to the Bastille Day truck ramming attack last year that killed 86 and wounded 458, the war is real.

French casualties in France are worse than in Afghanistan. The French lost 70 people to Islamic terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. And 239 to Islamic terrorist attacks in France.

The French losses in Afghanistan were suffered in over a decade of deployment in one of the most dangerous Islamic areas in the world. The French losses in France were suffered in less than two years.

But post 9/11, none of the various terror plots and attacks produced anything nearly as spectacular. The worst attacks, Omar Mateen's killing spree in Orlando and the Boston Marathon bombings, were horrifying. But we haven't seen terror on the European scale. Yet. And that's in part because law enforcement has been pretty good at breaking up Islamic terror plots.

On May 20, 2016, HAROON conveyed to the UC that Times Square was “a perfect spot to hit them,” and suggested that the plan could include “[d]rive by or we surround the whole street and trap them and kill as many as possible.”  In the course of his communications with the UC, HAROON also stated:  “I wanna kill . . . them in thousands”; and “we have to make a ocean out of their blood[.] Leave no one standing.”  HAROON reiterated his intention of traveling to New York City, and discussed attempting to execute the attacks as soon as Memorial Day (i.e., May 30, 2016), stating that “that’s a day that will change history” and that the attacks “will scar them for life knowing the soldiers of Allah are everywhere and ready.”
Here are more details of this plot.

Three men have been charged with plotting to carry out ISIS-inspired attacks on music concerts, landmarks and crowded subways in New York, authorities said.
The FBI arrested Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, a Canadian citizen, while traveling to the United States from Canada in the summer of 2016 and he has pled guilty to terrorism offenses; Talha Haroon, 19, an American living in Pakistan, was arrested in Pakistan; and Russell Salic, 37, a Philippine citizen, was arrested in his home country and is also expected to be sent to the United States for trial, federal prosecutors said.

Federal prosecutors said the three men’s goal was to kill and injure as many people as possible. FBI and NYPD officials said the suspects were arrested before obtaining any weapons — although El Bahnasawy had acquired bomb-making materials and secured a cabin to try to build bombs.

Officials said the three men communicated via Internet messaging applications and planned to commit bombings and mass-shootings during 2016’s Ramadan in New York City. They allegedly intended to detonate bombs in Times Square and in the city’s subway system, while also shooting civilians at specific concert venues.
"[W]e seriously need a car bomb at times square (sic)," El Bahnasawy allegedly told the undercover agent after sending him a photo of Times Square. "Look at these crowds of people!"

There are obvious echoes of the Paris attacks here.
Also on May 12, 2016, El Bahnasawy said he wanted to “shoot up concerts cuz they kill a lot of people (sic).” El Bahnasawy and Haroon’s plans included specific concert venues, the Justice Department alleged.
“(W)e just walk in with guns in our hands,” El Bahnasawy wrote. “That’s how the Paris guys did it.”

But New York has been a longstanding target of Islamic terror. While other locations have proven more vulnerable, it's the one they fantasize about.
According to the court documents, El Bahnasawy told the undercover agent that "[t]hese Americans need an attack" and added that the hoped to "create the next 9/11."

Haroon allegedly said that he planned to “cause great destruction to the filthy kuffars by our hands.”
NBC doesn't translate Kuffars. Because the attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Right.

While the attack is being spun as "aspirational", the supplies were quite serious.
During May 2016, EL BAHNASAWY, while in Canada, purchased an array of bomb-making materials for use in the NYC Attacks, including approximately 40 pounds of hydrogen peroxide (the “Hydrogen Peroxide”) – which is a primary ingredient in TATP (triacetone triperoxide), a powerful explosive commonly used in improvised explosive devices.  EL BAHNASAWY also purchased, among other things, batteries, Christmas lights, thermometers, and aluminum foil for use in constructing explosive devices to carry out the NYC Attacks.

That's rather serious. And so is one of the alleged terror plotters.
An orthopedic surgeon charged in a foiled Manhattan terror plot was arrested earlier this year for the ISIS-linked abduction and beheadings of two Filipino workers.
Dr. Russell Salic could face charges in the horrific Philippines attacks before authorities agree to extradite the accused terrorist to face charges in the United States, authorities said Saturday.

Salic, 36, remains in custody in the Philippines for atrocities allegedly committed by Maute group — a band of militants aligned with ISIS.
Prosecutors charged Salic with murder and kidnapping in the April 2016 abductions of a half-dozen sawmill workers.
Death cults really are deadly.

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