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Authorities in Las Vegas will be working tirelessly for days to come in order to make sense of the horrific actions of Stephen Paddock.

Paddock, who opened fire on a crowd of country music fans from his 32nd story hotel window overlooking the famous Las Vegas strip, won’t be providing any answers presently after committing suicide as police entered his room after breaching the door with explosives.  A piece of identification belonging to Paddock’s roommate was discovered on his person, but authorities have cleared her of any wrongdoing in the incident.

In the aftermath of the shooting, an interview with one survivor took a bizarre turn as the witness described an eery incident from earlier in the night, some 45 minutes before Paddock unleashed Hell on the Jason Aldean concert.
“One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were ‘all going to die’ after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

“The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.
“’They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.’
“She described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man.

“The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like ‘everyday people’.”

While any crowd of this size is likely to contain within it someone of questionable mental health, the chilling prediction has been reported in several outlets over the course of the last several hours, leading many to believe that this may be no mere coincidence.

The motive for Paddock’s slaughter of innocent country music fans has yet to be determined, or released, by authorities.  Given the political demographics of those in attendance at the event, many are concerned that the madman was particularly targeting American conservatives much in the same way as Jame T. Hodgkinson was during his rampage at a baseball field filled with republican congressmen just months ago.

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