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Mitt Romney says that he is a Christian and believes the Bible. Most popular radio and TV commentators accept his statements and dismiss his Mormon faith as having little or no importance to his qualification of being the President of the United States. The problem is that few people know what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes and teaches. As one who has spent many years studying the Mormon faith and living among the Mormons in Utah for over twenty one years I would like to show what the Mormon faith believes. Having the facts, Americans can decide for themselves if Mitt Romney is a true Christian or not and whether his being a Mormon is important.

       Mitt Romney says he is a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he is proud of his Mormon faith and being a Christian. To discover if this is true one must examine the beliefs and teachings of the LDS church. The question is "Are the teaching beliefs of the Mormon church the teachings of the Bible?" This is the only accurate way to discover if Mormons are Christians. The Mormon Church from its beginnings has never been identified as a Christian church. Although the term "cult" is not a politically correct term, the Mormon Church has always been identified as such. The reason is that Mormonism does not believe or practice the teachings of the Bible.

       Only individuals or churches that believe in the God of the Bible can honestly identify themselves as Christians. Today many have been deceived into believing the Mormon Church is a Christian denomination. The reason many accept it as a Christian church is that for over twenty five years the LDS church has been engaged in an intensive public relations campaign. They have spent millions of dollars seeking to change its image and overcome the sigma of being a cult. Their goal has been to be accepted as another mainline Christian denomination. However, the beliefs and practices of the LDS church show it is not a Christian denomination and do not worship the God of the Bible or Jesus Christ. They have sought to change their image, but not their beliefs.

       The question as to whether Mitt Romney is a true Christian rests or falls on the beliefs of his church. Does he believe in our Creator the God of the Bible and the real Jesus Christ the Savior of the world? The evidence shows the answer is sadly no. As a Mormon Mitt Romney believes in and worships a false god and serves a false church that deceptively presents itself as a Christian church.

       To find the truth is a simple matter. All one has to do is examine the beliefs of the Mormon Church comparing them to biblical Christianity as presented in the Bible. Whether the Mormon faith is a Christian faith or not is determined by its beliefs.

       First, according to the teachings of the LDS church, their god is a material being of flesh and bone and is not a spirit. He has a physical body just like all humans.1 The Bible plainly states that God is a Spirit. 2 Mormons believe the god of earth was once a mortal man, who through a process the Mormons call "eternal progression," was exalted from being a mortal man to become a god in a place called the Celestial Heaven. Being mortal means being subject to death and therefore the Mormon god was once a man like all men on earth. Further he is only one of an unknown number of gods in the universe who all were once men, who became gods. Mormonism teaches that some of the more faithful and devout of their faith can also be exalted and become gods themselves and be given a world of their own to rule.

       According to their teachings, the god that Mormons worship is a god that was married as a man in what they call a Celestial marriage.3 The Celestial marriage ceremony is one of the secret rituals performed in their temples. In this ceremony, called the "endowments" a man's wife and family are "sealed" to him "for all time and eternity." 4 If a Mormon man is faithful to the Mormon Church and declared worthy due to his good works, after he dies he will be resurrected to the Celestial heaven. There, if worthy enough, a council of gods can exalt him to godhood. They then will assign him a planet to rule.

       The Mormons believe that god lives in heaven in polygamy with many wives and his heavenly family. The Mormon god has many children in heaven which are his sexually produced heavenly offspring by one of his many wives. They called their god's heavenly progeny his "spirit children." Mormons believe in "preexistence" meaning that every person on earth preexisted in heaven as a spirit child of "heavenly father." 5 That means that all the billions of people ever born on planet earth were first conceived in heaven by an act of sex of their man-become-god and became "spirit children."

       The spirit children of "heavenly father" all are seeking to come to earth and begin a mortal existence so they can have the opportunity to experience "eternal progression."6 When humans have children, they believe the "spirit children" in heaven are allowed to come to earth and receive a human or mortal body. This is the reason Mormons have such large families. They are following the teachings of their faith and seeking to give as many "spirit children" in heaven as possible the chance to have a mortal existence. After a mortal existence, through "exaltation," the once "spirit child"can return to be with "heavenly father" in heaven.7

       Mormons proudly say they are Christians because they worship Jesus Christ. However, the Jesus Christ they believe in is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Their Jesus was conceived and born in heaven first as a "spirit child" of "heavenly father" and one of his wives. They teach that their man-become-god came to earth and had sexual relations with Mary and Jesus became his offspring. They deny the eternal deity of Jesus Christ believing that only became a god after he lived worthy life on earth and died and went to Mormonism's Celestial heaven. He, like all gods, was appointed to be a god by a council of gods that meet near a star called Kolob which is near the center of the Universe. 8 They believe that all the people on the earth are brothers and sisters of "heavenly father." Jesus was "heavenly father's" first born spirit child, and Satan (Lucifer) was his second spirit child. Thus Jesus, Satan and all men are brothers and sisters.

       The LDS Church claims they worship the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ, yet their beliefs prove that this impossible. 9 The LDS church teaches their god was once a mortal man who was born on some planet out in the universe and through eternal progression was exalted to godhood and was given the earth to rule. The question the Mormon must answer is simple. How could their god be the God of the Bible, when their god was born into universe that already existed? Genesis 1 and 2, plainly state that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Man was God's last act of creation which was on the sixth day. 10 How could their god be the Creator of the heaven and earth when our true God and Creator created man only after the sixth day of creation?! Their god could not be the God of the Bible, our Creator, because Adam was the first man created and the earth existed for six days before he was created. The Mormon Church teaches their god was first a mortal man who was born into the universe that preexisted him and who later became a god. Man did not create or become God, God created man.

       Clearly, the beliefs of the Mormon faith show that it is not a Christian denomination nor does its members worship our true God and Creator who has revealed Himself to man in His written word the Bible. Therefore, Mitt Romney, if he believes in the faith and teachings of the LDS church is not a Christian. To be a Christian one must believe in our true God and Creator Jesus Christ.

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