/ White House Walks Back Donald Trump’s Gun Control Rhetoric

White House Walks Back Donald Trump’s Gun Control Rhetoric...

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders clarified some of President Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric on Second Amendment rights.

Sanders stated that Trump will “continue to support the Second Amendment,” despite fears from gun-rights activists that he is interested in compromising with anti-gun Democrats in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Sanders spoke with reporters on Friday after Trump met with NRA executives in the Oval Office on Thursday night.

Privately, the NRA expressed concerns with Trump’s rhetoric on Wednesday, although the organization publicly dismissed it as “great TV” without policy teeth.

Sanders stated that Trump was not “necessarily” interested in requiring universal background checks for all private sales of firearms, only that he was interested in improving the existing background check system.

She reiterated the president’s support for the Cornyn-Murphy bill that had the NRA’s approval.

Sanders also indicated that Trump might not be interested in federal legislation to raise the legal age to purchase a rifle to 21, despite his vocal support for the idea.

“Conceptually, he still supports raising the age to 21. But he also knows there’s not a lot of broad support for that,” she said, adding that Trump believed the proposal would “probably have more potential in the states than it would at the federal level.”

Trump traveled to Rev. Billy Graham’s funeral in North Carolina on Friday and will then spend the weekend at his resort at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

HNewsWire-Was President Trump merely floating a balloon about gun Rights and the governments ability to take away firearms from "dangerous" citizens without due process.Trump said he would prefer to move quickly to seize guns from people who could pose a danger."A lot of times, by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures," Trump said. "Take the guns first, go through due process second." unarmed a citizen without due process?

Draining the swamp has apparently overwhelmed President Trumps ability to think clearly.The suggestion that the American people give up their second amendment rights to what we now know as a tyrant government would be a death sentence to freedom in this country.

There are some troubling signs starting to surface in the Trump administration, AG Sessions, The Obama holdovers currently working in the Department of Justice just to name a few,Trump got elected because the American people believed in his promises to return this country to its roots,make America great again,that was Mr. Trump's platform and he sold the story to the American people and we bought it,so Mr. Pres. we expect you to live up to your promises make America great again, rebuild the American moral compass, put God back in the schools, back in our homes,back in our heart's, Mr. Pres. we expect you to do exactly what you said because if you don't 2020 will be a bad year...

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The problem is NOT guns. It’s hearts without God, homes without discipline, schools without prayer & courts without justice....

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