Christians And Feminists Band Together To Fight Obama’s Transgender Policy ...


An unlikely union of Christians and feminists plan to battle Obama’s transgender bathroom policy.

The Family Policy Alliance joined up with feminist group Women’s Liberation Front to protect women while in the bathroom, reports Christian Today.

Both groups acknowledge that they are not likely allies. But, the issue of protecting women and girls from potential predators is imperative, the policy director for the Family Policy Alliance said.

“How wrong does something need to be for a Christian family group, and a radical feminist group, to take their argument together to the Supreme Court?” Autumn Leva said. “[This is a] privacy and safety matter and we’re asking the high court to acknowledge that.”

The Obama administration released a mandate last year ordering schools to allow transgenders in the bathroom and locker-rooms of their choice. Schools that don’t follow the new guidelines could risk their federal funding, the administration declared.

Kara Danksy, the chair of WoLF’s board of directors, called it unfair to make girls use the same locker room as boys. While the groups may not agree on issues like abortion, they both believe that women should be protected.

“On certain issues, such as gender identity, pornography and prostitution – we’ll find that the left has pretty much sold out women on these issues,” Dansky said. “We stand up for women and girls.”

Both groups have already filed an amicus brief against the administration guidelines. They argued that the standards would potentially harm women and girls.

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