HNewsWire blames violent rhetoric, "Terminate the Republican Party FakeBook Post." "The Ugly Left"

The shooter, who has since died from gun battle with police, has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson. His Facebook page featured a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the top, and was filled with left-wing political posts throughout. His entries were highly critical of President Trump and supported Sanders’ socialist political philosophy. The 66-year-old man was a member of a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party.” And according to authorities, Hodgkinson came to the ball field with enough firepower to terminate many Republican lawmakers.

During an appearance on the Fox News Channel, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich addressed the increasing intensity of hostility on the Left.

“Whether it is a so-called comedian holding up the president’s head in blood, or it’s right here in New York City a play that shows the president being assassinated, or it’s Democratic leading national politicians who are so angry they have to use vulgarity,” he lamented. “This intensity has been building I think since election night.”

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