James T. Hodgkinson, 66, was fatally shot by police during the attack. Hours later, Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders said ?

More people are killed with hammers than guns in this country every year, Bernie Sanders.

Gunman had history of arrests,  no convictions…BELLEVILLE, Ill. (HNewsWire) — The Illinois man who shot a top Republican congressman and several other people Wednesday while they practiced baseball outside the nation’s capital had several minor run-ins with the law in recent years and belonged to a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party.” SRH: This doesn’t sound like a gun problem, more of a sick person problem, encouraged by the Democratic party.

There’s been numerous accounts of high profiled Holly weird individuals suggesting president Trump be assassinated, in a sick person’s mind they believe they can become quite famous carrying out an assassination on the president. Does Bernie Sanders really believe that denouncing violence after the fact has any merit. The bigger question is do you believe it?

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, was fatally shot by police during the attack. Hours later, Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders said the gunman had been among the many volunteers on his presidential campaign. SRH: Bernie Sanders made inflammatory remarks about Pres. Trump’s position on many issues, including a statement that people will lose their lives over Mr. Trump’s decisions. Again not a gun problem we have a inflammatory rhetoric problem between the left and right in this country, are we to continue buying into this line of hypocrisy that is leading the citizens down the path of destruction?

Court records show that Hodgkinson’s legal trouble started in the 1990s with arrests for resisting police and drunken driving. His most serious problems apparently came in 2006, when he was arrested on a battery charge. Records indicate he has not been involved in any legal cases since 2011. Apparently all of his arrest did not lead to a convictions which give the shooter the right to own weapons. Again not a gun problem but a person problem, are you buying into the rhetoric from Bernie Sanders and the loony left?

Until recently, he ran a home-inspection business out of his home in Belleville, in the southwestern corner of the state, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, according to Hodgkinson’s Facebook page.
He also wrote frequent letters to his hometown newspaper, the Belleville News-Democrat, which published nearly two dozen letters between 2010 and 2012, many of which included complaints about the same theme: income inequality. SRH: Again we have the shooter writing letters that are inflammatory, threatening, yet was allowed to post on social media, apparently Facebook’s rules didn’t apply to the loony left, I can tell you they had pulled down every legitimate story I’ve (Posted on (Face Book) of course it was conservative pro-Trump, pro-gun,Pro family Christian right-wing subject matters. Facebook and most of social media has one rule,if it’s not left-leaning it must be fake news, this is what happens when real news is censored.

StevieRay Hansen the Shepherd, analyzing the news and the mainstream media, truth is the new hate speech, journalist are not journalist their propaganda talking heads.

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