Teaching Islam to Children is Child Abuse, Hate Crime VIDEO


**                         Teaching Islam to Children is Child Abuse Hate Crime**

**  To truly understand the immoral depravity of Islam, let us view  Islamic  teachings from the view point of Children.  A child is Moral Perfection having yet no concept of evil. To take a child and turn this innocent just forming human mind into a vessel of hate, and their bodies into instruments of mass murder is such evil depravity as to be unspeakable – unprintable.  **

From Australia to Europe and beyond, Muslims are trying to introduce Islam in school curricula (of course a watered-down and lofty version) with significant success. But how can Western schools teach Islam, which will be the worst form of child abuse?


Egypt: Children on front line of pro-Muslim Brotherhood demos dressed in white “death shrouds” for their “martyrdom”: “I am ready to die!”

Yet the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief supporters in the U.S., such as Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush and DHS official Mohamed Elibiary, continue to insist that the Muslim Brotherhood represents “freedom” for Egyptians. Not for these victimized children.

“Children Used on the Front-line of Islamist Demonstrations,” from** Egyptian Streets, July 30 (thanks to **Pamela Geller):

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